Jul 17, 2012

The best kind of visitors

The kovacs clan make a quick trip up to visit on their way home from a family reunion. 
 We were so happy to see them!

When we moved into this house we wanted a couch that would recline the entire width of the couch... not just on the sides.  The idea was to be able to sit as family all comfy cosy.  This was one of the first couches we found... it is the perfect width for us to all sit together.  It is so comfortable that it is easy to get trapped just sitting there.  It is so comfortable wind up watching a few episodes of "bo on the go" that I didn't have time for.  It is entertaining to see the kids move and dance when they watch that show. 

Cousins... sorry Spence. Looks like we need one more kiddo and one more chair for a good match-up. Mia is really concentrating on something in her hand. 

Jensen will handle that!

Sammers and Rache- Sam was sleeping or needed to sleep... I can't remember which, but my usual smiles at everything/body boy just wouldn't smile.  

I love this picture of the kids and John's oldest sister Heather.  

Sam wanted nothing to do with it. 

He just wanted to sit it "orange one." 

Thanks so so much for stopping by Kovacs family- 
We were all so happy to have you here, even if it was for a short visit. 

Well, most of us were happy... one of us was just plain grouchy!

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