Aug 5, 2012

4th of July take 2

We spent a big chunk of the 4th of July at the park.  
Sammer Jam is one crazy "twoyowd."
He rarely stops moving... so we just go ahead and leave his face covered in Ketchup. 

Mia girl is turning into one brave cookie.  A few months ago she refused to navigate these little step downs by her self.  Now she whips right down. 

Even though it wasn't dark out Sammy would yell and point to the sky when a firwork went off.  He would yell, "Fiiwork  Fiiwork!"  This kid is so much fun!

Baby Jail

This toy makes me dizzy just watching the kids on it.  
Abby enjoyed her ride while the boys propelled her around. 

Right before my eyes Sam turned into a boy.
I couldn't believe that he just bolted up this half ring latter thing.  
Doesn't he want a little help?  From his mom?  Just a little?
He kept going down the slide and back up... solo.  

Jensen really flies on this thing.  

Mia loves to swing.  Now if we can just teach her how to pump those little legs.

Nat had a go at the crazy spin toy

Sam thought it was hilarious.  

Max was giving Sam lots of kisses.  Sam insisted on holding Max... so he was asking for it. 

The best part about the 4th of July is of course the sparkers.  

Mia loves sparklers... loves them.  She asked for them the entire weekend, and I gave in a few times and we did some sparklers during the day. 

Sweet Sammy got a burn from a sparkler.  It was really sad.
He is now afraid of them... I don't blame him.  Poor kid. 

We all watched the fireworks go off from Memorial Hill. 
It was a great 4th of July

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