Aug 5, 2012

4th of July

We went to the 4th of July block party with my sister Raegan.  It really is a party not to be missed.  
This year instead of races they decided to have a water games.  And by water games I mean firemen hosing down lots of people

Sam kept himself really busy with the big coolers full of water.  The hoard of teenagers did not stop Sam from weaving in-between them to get to the water.  The boys had no idea he was there... I thought for sure he would get trampled, but he went back and forth like magic.   

Ells was up to her usual mothering with Sam and Mia.  It is quite handy to have a daughter like Ellie when we go to events.  She wants to take the littles everywhere, and I am happy to let her.
Sammy loved jumping on the dots.

He also really loved spinning the wheel for the twister game.

I always cringe a little when Mia wants to go on what I call the germ jumpers.  She had a great forth of July celebrating her independence and the nations.

JB has been working like a dog!  Between working and class, and clinical he has a lot of back to back shifts.  I have no idea how he does it.  It is not healthy.  Poor guy.  Sometimes he stays up for two full days at a time.  I could never in a million years do that.  He is committed and hard working.  You're almost done JB- almost done!

Mia wanted to wake up her dad.
The kids always try to get as much daddy time as they can.

I just love this face.
So happy!

Mia's new thing is to do "tricks" like Ellie.  She has the somersault down.
Today she almost did one right off the bed.
She is training for her Olympic career :-)

Happy 4th of July!- one more post coming up.

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