Aug 31, 2012

64 pictures of "the best campout of my life!"

*This is half a blog I started before we went to Florida.  I hope to finish it someday, but I just am unable to right now.  The pictures of Mia are priceless.  

A few weeks ago we went to the big McDonald/Conway campout.  It was sooo fun!  I'm glad we made the long drive.  The kids have not stopped talking about it, and they miss their cousins... a lot.  We will see them for Christmas, so they only have a few months to wait.  I uploaded a lot of pictures... in true Mimi fashion.  I just don't want to leave anything out.  SABE?  Here is an entirely too long synopsis of the annual campout.  

Daddy is the master chef when it comes to foil dinners.  He has all but mastered his skills. Sammy was of course his little "you chef."  Sammy loves to be in the mix all the time.

4 little beauties.  I love that the girls have cousins their own age.
Could there be sweeter kids?  ever?   

Miss Meena stayed super busy diggin' in the dirt, riding bikes, and keeping up with the big kids, and most of all EATING!  She was so independent and loved all of the non stop playing.  She is quite the little camper. She even rode a horse, and loved every second of it! (scroll down)

Sammers took over the his cousins iron man helmet.  This thing talks and Sam was all about it.  

Sammers and Meena being the little partners in crime that they are, were in cahoots the entire weekend.  I loved sitting in the grass and watching them doing their somersaults.  It was a beautiful sundown... even with the port-a-potty in the background. *side story. When I first moved to washington one of the terms I had to get used to was "honey bucket."  That is the term used for a  port-a-potty there.  Um.... Honey bucket?  Why is honey being associated with one of those? It is true... they all have signs that say "Honey bucket" on them.  ok, moving on. 

I can't get enough of his little personality.  So much fun!

Meena is the best big seester to her Sam.  She is caring and fills his days with endless fun things to do.  She taught him to do a somersault and I often hear them doing somersaults and purposefully running into something and just laughing and laughing.

Ready Sam?  


I could watch them play for HOURS!  I have attempted a few times to get in on the fun but every time my feet go over my head I feel like I've been punched in the nose.  I must be getting old!! :-)

Horse time! Ensign ranch supplies endless activities.  Sam wasn't sure at first, he had his skeptical face on pretty much the entire ride.  I love his little timid ways... they are so few and far between. 

Ells wanted to participate in leading Mia on the horse.  She really really wanted to sit on the horse with her, but that wasn't allowed.  Ellie is like a moth to the flame with her sister.  MUST BE CLOSE! MUST! AT ANY COST! It's endearing.  

My girl riding her horse.  She LOVED it, and is a regular little cowgirl.  She was so comfortable and by the look on her face she might be talking her papa into buying her a horse someday.  

I just had to post this one too... her cute little body on the horse.  
One of my favorite things about the ride is when she got off she kept thanking the horse. 
"thank you horsey! Thank you!"

Mama (me) doing what I do best.  Getting my girl to eat.  You can tell that Mia likes to be a goof when it is time to get serious and take in some calories.  She did eat a lot.  Why is camping food always soooo much more appealing?  Maybe we need to move to the wilderness and her appetite will stabilize.

Cutest Cayla.  There is always a wig close by in this family!

I am pretty sure taking pictures of adults while camping is a HUGE no no, but I broke the rule.  
I'm just glad I got to see some of my sisters in law and soon to be (hopefully) sister in law! I wish I had a picture of all of us!

My two littles up to their usual shenanigans.