Aug 22, 2012

7 Peaks

WE went to 7 peaks a few times this year.  It was fun.  
Sammers LOVED the water and I loved watching him sleep face square into the ground. 
He must have been crazy tired to sleep like that.  

Mia went a mile a minute and I couldn't keep her out of the water.  
She is really brave in the water out of nowhere.  I love it.  
I can just sit and watch her and hold on to Sammers.  
Watching her and Abby in the kiddie pool go under the water and pop back up was one of those catch you off guard moments. She is growing up and able to do things I never dreamed would happen.  She is my little miracle girl... popping out of the water, and learning to hold her breathe.
When did this happen?

The other two kiddos never came around for me to get a good picture of them.  
Ellie was a fan of the wave pool, and Jense was all about the slides.  
Hopefully we can go again before it gets too cold. 

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