Aug 20, 2012

Crash up Derby

I have not been to the derby since I was in high school... I have very fond memories of going to the derby and had my heart set on it when we moved back.  Quite a few things have changed since I lived here, one being that you have to get tickets WAY in advance if you want to go to the derby.
Who knew!?

Luckily that is what facebook is for.  We had no problem finding tickets and even saw some friends when we got there.  I dressed all the kids in their monogrammed belts.  
Now I just need one for myself, for next year!

I doubt my parents had been to a derby in a long time, and they decided to come along.
Mia and Sam were big fans of the derby.  Sammy called it, "Crash Cars."
The derby is perfect for a little two year old who plays "crash cars" all day long, then gets to see it actually happen.  Sammy is big into crashing... in fact he has reved up his crash cars to throwing cars.  We need to get back to the simple crash because no one likes a toy car hitting their head. 

There really is no significance to this picture, other than to point out that my mother ( I will not disclose her age, but if you do a search on my blog you'll find it) has perfect skin... that doesn't age! She has NO wrinkles  and her skin looks like she is half her age! I just hope that I get the fountain of youth that my mother has.  Her hair is right up there with her skin.  Maybe I should start selling her secret...  
once I find out what it is.  
Mom, you are a fox!  Is it ok for me to throw that out there on my blog?  Yes?  ok, good!

In between rounds the kids would climb onto the fence to watch the cars being towed out of the arena.  I just love his picture of my boy and his buddy... at the derby.  

The derby was really exciting as far as derby's go.  A lot of action and some really banged up cars.  We were sitting pretty close the the action and got sprayed with chunks of dirt a few different times. We saw roll overs, cars up on the cement baracades, and when one of the cars started throwing sparks my mom started to panic.  The rushed out with the extinguisher, and all was fine.  One of the drivers was taken by ambulance to the hospital, I sure hope he is ok.  

Mia knew I had my camera out so she kept looking back at me.  

JB was fortunate to find a tiny sliver of shade in the stands.  It was really hot... and the sun took FOREVER to go down.  

During one of the intermissions the girls decided to provide the audience with some entertainment. 
Ellie and Mia enjoyed dancing and spinning around- smiling and giggling all the while.  
I don't know if anyone else liked it, but I was eating it up. 

When Mia is really happy she gives spontaneous kisses... this was one of those.
She must have been really happy, derby night can do that to you I suppose. :-)

I don't know who won, but the derby was everything we were expecting and more!
Next year we will be sure to get our tickets in advance.
If you've never been to a derby, come join us next year!


Brimaca said...

Um. I can already tell you have your mom's skin! You haven't aged a bit! And I love the derby. Why do you think I always come home in July?! But had to miss it this year. The hubs wanted to see his family too darn it.

Carrie Hellewell said...

Oh, how I love the derby. Fond memories... Wish we could have come this year. Maybe next? PS. We are going to be around for Swiss Days, of course, you guys want to try and hook up sometime???

Mimi said...

Yes! let's do it Carrie! For sure!

I'll have my people call your people.

Rachel Johnson said...

Hi Mimi. I came to your blog thru my cousins family who also have a heart baby. Not a transplant, but he has his share of heart surgeries and such since he was born.
I just wanted to reach out and I totally get why you turned off the comments on current blog entries. I came to this entry to leave a comment because I love the pics of Ellie and Mia together. So sweet. All of your children are precious.
I think about you everyday and with 4 kids myself, remind myself to be thankful and take more time to be patient and enjoy my kids because I can.
I think u are doing an awesome job. U get your feelings out however u need too, whenever u need to because u r right...nobody else knows how u feel, nobody else loved that lil one like u.
I am so so sorry this happened. I wish u to feel as many moments of peace, happiness and security as possible. Take care Mimi.