Aug 10, 2012

Date Night Pioneer Day Celebration

John and I rarely get to go on dates these days because let's be honest... the man is never around.  Ok, scratch that.  He has officially graduated so hopefully our date nights can resume.  We did make it out with Monica Trever a few weeks ago.  You may remember them from THIS post.  I am still laughing about it and am holding the video ransom so I can show his kids someday :-)  Just kidding Trever... or am I?
Monica is now officially famous if she wasn't already.  Her company is called SookEe Designs and she is a super savvy stylish seamstress.  She just made darling bags for none other than Emily Maynard herself... well her daughter if we're getting technical.  Go here to see them.  So so cute!

I fell in love Emily and Jeff this past season.  So happy she chose him!  If you missed the blog in where I claim that John and Jeff look a like- go here.  I had some people on facebook agree with me, just to set your mind at ease. ;-)

This blog has so many links so far- let's see what else can i link to... hmmm. Ok here- Go like her on facebook.  Then tell her I sent ya :-)  

After some Thai food we headed to the conference center for the days of 47 celebration. I loved it! We got to see Katherine Jenkins perform with her dancing with the stars partner  Mark Ballas. They danced a Tango- it was great.  She was singing most of the night, which was wonderful,  but I loved the dancing!  Oh the dancing.  Trever and Monica got some great seats too!  After the concert we went to the new City Creek.  I just have to say that it feels like another world at the City Creek.  I have never been there before, but walking around I didn't feel like I was in Utah.   Not that Utah isn't nice... it is, but it just felt really ritzy.  With the lights and the music and the water, it seemed more like a resort than a shopping center.  You have to go check it out if you haven't been there.  I want to take my kids back to the Disney store one of these days.  There is a huge Minnie Mouse that we must show Mia.  After some yummy dessert we called it a night.

Thanks for a great date night guys! Hopefully we can do it again soon!  Oh, and Happy Pioneer Day everyone.  It was a few weeks ago, but still... they should be celebrated more than once a year so we can celebrate them again today.  

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