Aug 24, 2012

Fair Days Parade

This is the 2012-13 "Watt Spettes"  Mia calls them that, so naturally I do too. :-)
Ellie got to hold the banner for them in the parade this year.  
It goes without saying that she was in Heaven!

Small Towns (Alhtough Heber is like the fastest growing City in the US or something) always have fantastic goodies for parade goers.  The kids got FIVE different rounds of popsicles.  That is a lot of popsicles!  Sammy decided blue tasted better than his orange one.  Jense is such a good sport.  I am so grateful for such an easy going first born... it really sets the tone for the others to stay calm.

Me and my kiddies... It was super hot... I am so relieve we found some shade.  I saw a few people I went to high school with... which was fun.  One of them I had not seen since our reunion.  

There they are! The Watt Spettes and their banner holders.  The did great.  Watching them go by red and exhausted gave me flashbacks to when I was doing the exact same thing.  I could not wait until the end of the parade- it was brutal.  Back then I even had to wear fake hair... adding to the sweatiness.

Mia and Sam were really into getting the candy.  Jense was such a good brother and would help them get the candy.  If they didn't get any, he would drop some infront of them.  We had a bunch of kids next to us and at one point Sam started screaming when one of the kiddos took a candy that had fallen at his feet.  John and I just laughed, we couldn't believe he got so angry.  A women sitting close by saw Sam's disapproval and brought him over a few hand fuls of candy.  Hopefully now Sam knows that if he throws a giant fit he will get a shirt full of candy.  :-)  She was totally sweet, and Sam was chill the rest of the parade... in a sugar coma no less. 

We had fun at fair days this year.  Last year I committed to entering some of Jensen's creations into the fair.  The day to enter came and went... sorry Jense!  Next year buddy!

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