Aug 5, 2012

Go Cart Kids and Dad

* John is going to blog about this, because let's be honest he is super excited... possibly more excited than the kids! :-)

Jensen began saving for a go-cart about a year ago.  It is hard to teach a kid to save money, and this was a great way to show Jensen that he can have one really cool item that can last for years, instead of many gum balls or candies or whatever.  Along the way, Ellie got into the spirit of things and contributed a good wad of cash.  As their savings grew we began to watch what the net had to offer, and it wasn't pretty.  For $200.00 you can get a frame with wheels(usually overgrown with weeds), rusted, no engine.  When we saw this pop up just a few miles away we were pumped.  We must have called 15 times and no answer.  We finally thought to click on "other items for sale by this seller" and found an alternate phone number.  Long story short, this guys phone had been ringing off the hook and he just decided not to call anyone back! We were on the phone with the sellers son and I told him we were on our way, what's the address?  I mean, roll cage?  Full harness seat belts?  Two seater?  Suspension?  Shoot.

The kids were absolutely ecstatic when they came out of the house to see their new ride.  Look at these pics above and below, so cute and excited. We didn't tell them we found the perfect go-cart just in case it didn't pan out.

It was really fun to watch the kids this first day.  They would laugh and squeal with joy.  We live in the perfect spot for this too.  We are in a cul de sac right next to our church building.  They just do laps and we don't have to worry about traffic.  What blows me away is what great drivers these kids are.  The go cart went pretty slow, but thought they were speeding.  Once I saw that they were capable, a few days after they got their feet wet, I took the governor off of the foot pedal and this little cart goes pretty fast.  With a little adjustment, I even got the breaks to start working!

The roll bars come off, as a matter of fact that is how I got it into the back of the mini van.

Everyone likes to watch as the drivers zoom by.

Safety first Sammy!
After the first couple turns, mom cracked down on wearing helmets.  

Once Sammy got up from his nap and got a little taste of the action, it was clear that he had no plans of letting anyone else ride shotgun.  Luckily he is a sweet boy and can be swayed.

Mia had a waiting her turn dance.  

Sam was cracking us up because he had a cell phone and was pretending to talk on it for a long long time as he zoomed around with mom.  He was going down the list of things he had eaten that day.  "Wadee (water) nuggets, dip dip, carrots, smoodee, ok bye."  

Needless to say, I am just as excited as the kids.  I had a cart as a kid and the memories came flooding back.  I remember that my dad brought it home on Mothers Day one year, and it wasn't a big hit for my mom as a gift.  The kids loved it of course.  I wonder if I am remembering that right?  I better confirm my facts....  I do think that this is great preparation to understanding how to control a car, and will be great for when they are on the road in a real car as teenagers.  Actually, now that I think about it, me and my bros drove those first cars  the same way we did the go-cart. I remember my step-dad asking me, "John, have you been out four wheeling in your Honda civic?"  "Why do you ask?' I said.  "Well, there are weeds hanging from your undercarriage."  Best $100.00 car/go-cart I ever had.  We would take that car on the trails behind our high school each morning.  That was the way to start the day!  That is where I learned how to dow a "batman."  Well, have fun kids.


Nicole said...

That is so awesome!!! How fun for the kiddo's. Looks like your family is really enjoying the summer---

Stefenie said...

Ha ha!! This totally made me giggle. How fun for you and yoru family. Enjoy those new wheels guys