Aug 22, 2012

He works hard for his money

Jense has always been self motivating.  It is so nice to have a first born that is so eager to please.  He mowed the lawn for the first time and LOVED it!  I think he will be on the hook for many many years. Now we just need to get the grass growing... and he'll have more to mow.

Jensen is also extremely pumped about doing jobs for pennies.  He gets really excited about accruing pennies over the course of a few hours.  He doesn't seem to mind that he gets paid next to nothing for his jobs, he is just happy to do them.  He usually cleans up like 2 or 3 items per penny.  
It is good system.  

Every once in awhile he will propose a job and ask, "mom, can I have a paper money for that job?"  
I love that he calls it paper money.  

After saving for a year and purchasing his go- cart he is now saving for a 4 wheeler.  This boy is all about motorized vehicles.  Maybe if he mows enough laws he can earn one in like five years.  :-)

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Stefenie said...

Ha! Very cute!! I love the question about earning paper money. Very clever!