Aug 23, 2012

Heart Camp 2012

This year we attended the IHH heart camp at Camp Wapiti in Toelle. 
I am so glad we went this year!

Heart Camp is for families with a child with a CHD or any "angel family" who has lost a loved one.
Heart families are amazing... all of them!  When we got there the kids saw this stage.  Instinctually they ran up and started dancing.  Sammy jumped around a lot and Mia did her signature Chasse.  

Sammy labeled the stage as "go dance!"  I hope their confidence continues.  
I think it is adorable that they love to be on the stage. 

After we set up camp- well we were in a cabin, so after we got settled we went to the playground. 
Sammy and Mia both climbed right up the rock climbing wall.  I thought they would both want help- nope! no help.  It is new feeling for me to be "free."  They still need help with monkey bars, swings, etc.  Needing my help with that will continue for a few years, but I was caught off guard when they climbed up and went down the slide over and over unassisted.  

Sammy used his shoes to control his speed.  
Such a little smarty!

I love these pictures of Mia and one of her fellow CHD kiddos Teagan.  
Happily swinging on a tire swing.  
I would have loved to see this picture when they were babies.  
Such little miracles- that is for sure. 

"Thee" Aunt Nats came with us to heart camp.  It was oh so lovely to have her there.  John was hiking Mt. Rainier and my older two were in WA staying at their grandmas.  Camping with my littles wasn't high on the priority list until Nat said she could come.  I'm so glad she came.  It was fun to hang out and both Mia and Sam wanted their aunt Nat.  It was funny because right when we pulled in they both wanted to hold her hand and took off without me.  I was thinking... "This is going to be a relaxing weekend."  It was so great having her there, and she was a huge help!  
Thanks for coming Nats!!  

Mia, my monkey, is developing into quite the clown.  
She loves to tell me funny stories... then she laughs.  
The stories usually involve Sammy... and some form of potty talk.  
All of her stories include the word, "eeeeeeeewwwwwww." 
She is a goof- and we love her. 

While at heart camp Mia played with Shilo's (a few posts down) older sister Juna.  
They were cute little friends and it was fun to just want and observe them getting along.
When I told them I wanted to take a picture, they held hands... completely un prompted.
How sweet is that?  It melts my heart.

Sammy joined the girls in whatever they were playing.  Although his playing included following them up and back dragging a few chains.  He took these chains from a pavilion up to our cabin.  I found a pile if chains at the cabin and laughed.  He is definitely on the go, that little Sam.  I think he took a second to stop to explain to Juna what he was doing.  "I've just got to get these chains up to the cabin, go on and play without me." :-)

Hilary gave Sammers this little bandana. They won the prize for the most animal print and I guess they had some to spare.  Sammy wore it for quite a while.  Now that we are home Ells has commandeered it.

After a few final dances on "go dance" we said good-bye to heart camp.
It was so fun, and I can't wait for next year.  I was truly impressed with all the planning and organizing that went into putting this on.  The food was delicious, the games, movie night, activities, and animal show were all fantastic.  I don't plan on seeing a scorpion anytime soon after heart camp. 

I wish I had other pictures... especially of all the kids, but I only had my camera out a few times.
Finally meeting some of the heart moms I only know through my computer screen was well worth it. 

OK- one last adorable picture of Mees and Juna together!  
I think I might have to print this picture.  So cute!!!

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So happy to watch little miracles growing up!