Aug 7, 2012

Mia Makes a Wish

This little girl is so excited to Make a Wish.
I have always admired the Make a Wish foundation.  I never imagined as a teenager or young mother that I would ever know the foundation personally.  
A girl from my hometown worked there, but recently moved so we just missed her  :-(

The beautiful/wonderful/fabulous wish granters from the Make a Wish foundation came out to the house to meet the family and ask Mia the all important question- what she wished for.  Deb and Temple were Mia's wish granters- I think she got the best wish granters.  hands down!
They brought Mia and the rest of the kids some gifts.
It was a really exciting afternoon!
The kids got to get out of school for the wish granting- that was an added bonus.

So what does Mia wish for?  They asked her some simple questions.   They started asking her questions to figure out what her wish is.  "Mia, is there something you want to do?"  Mia, "Yes, PLAY!"  "Mia is there somewhere you want to go?"  "Ummmm. Outside. Outside to play."  She is easy to please.

Later after asking what her favorite show is she confidently replied, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" This was the first indicator she gave them of something she might enjoy doing. 
Her answers were simple, and simply endearing.

My favorite answer she gave them was when they asked, "Mia do you have a wish?"
She replied, "Yes!  A WISH!"  with a big smile on her face.
They had their work cut out for them...

Before the wish granters came to the house, the foundation sent Mia a key that she can take to the facility and use to unlock the magic! :-)

In the days leading up to her wish we kept telling her she gets to make a wish.  Her reply was always, "Oh yeah... a wish!"
She is so pleasant and sweet and my heart is so happy that she gets to make a wish. 

The key arrived in a darling little swan box.  
Make a Wish is amazing.
I might have cried a little when we opened the initial package.  

After all the wish granting was over Mia gave big hugs to her wish granters.  They deserved it!  
I really can't think of a better privilege- I think I need to become a wish granter someday.  

I almost forgot to mention what Mia wished for.  Sheesh. 
Due to Mia's love for Mickey and Minnie our entire family will be going to

Walt Disney World!!!

I am so excited I am having palpitations as I type this.
Mia girl, I hope all your dreams come true on your make a wish trip to see Mickey and Minnie.
You deserve it little girly- you can count on me to document the highlights! :-)

We love you Deb, Temple, and Make a Wish!


jenn said...

how fun! when do you go? we are trying to go the end of september if you want to go with us!!!!!

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

I'm crying and I don't even know Mia! Wonderful! What an amazing gift from Make a Wish and so well deserved for your entire family!!!!!

jayna said...

So so happy for Miss Mia! What a magical wish, and one your entire family deserves!!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! What a wonderful wish Mia. Your family will have so much fun making great memories together. Love you and your sweet little heart!

Stefenie said...

You guys will love it. We went to Disney World for Logan's Make-A-Wish and got to stay at Give Kids the World. AMAZING place and I hope you get to experience the magic GKTW has to offer. You cna read about Logan's wish trip on my blog by clicking on "Logan's Wish" at the top. Might give you some insight on what you get to do while you are there and see GKTW too.

So excited for you!

Mimi said...

Thanks ladies! We are so excited. Stefanie- I will go read your experience. Thank you!!