Aug 11, 2012

Princess Ball

Hope kids does not disappoint! 
I am continually in awe at the events they put together for all the Hope kids in Utah. 
We missed this event last year, and I made sure we didn't miss it this year!

The 2012 Princess Ball started out with the girls getting their make-up done.  Sammy, not willing to be left behind, got a sword painted on his face.  He is adorable!  When we were preparing for the ball he was insistent on wearing a "princess" aka a dress up dress.  After his nap he seemed to have forgotten about it. The girls like to dress him up, but I knew we would get some stares if we showed up to an event with my little boy in a "princess."
  Ellie went back after the line was gone to get her hair done too.  She wanted me to repeat this hair-do so I had to have the lady demonstrate it. This woman by the way was straight out of a fairy tale book herself.  I need speaking like Cinderella lessons- it is soothing to talk to her.  

They fed us all a cute little dinner (no pics) then we headed outside for a carriage ride.  The kids were all about the carriage ride.  Jense was worried about having an allergic reaction to the horse.  He is allergic... extremely allergic if we have pin pointed his allergies to horses (see post a few days back).

The Ball was held at The Castle.  The Castle is a lovely lovely place.  The kids had fun exploring outside and I think John and Jense must have stolen my camera and taken a bunch of pictures to make me laugh.  I usually have a few surprise photos in each batch.  I love those surprises! 

We came inside to meet all of the lovely princesses.  Sleeping beauty taught the girls how to pose like a princess.  You can tell from the pics that Mia and Ellie and Sam were in Heaven.  Sammy would walk up to a princess and turn around and back up to her until she picked him up and put him on her lap.  I couldn't get enough.  It was an automatic response to going to a princess.  He would hop right back down, but still so so cute!

The girls got to dance with Cinderella with their bibbity bobbity boo wands.  After dancing with Cinderella they went to dance with Ariel.  I think Ariel is both of their favorites.  I can't blame them.  One of Mia's nightly songs I sing to her (daddy doesn't know it) is "thinga ma bobs"  She loves the thinga ma bob song.  She sings the whole thing with me and gets really excited when we sing the thing a ma bobs part.  I love her to pieces!

More princess fun!  I love my little princesses.  We are going to get a lot of princess exposure here in a couple months!

This is one of my heart mom friends Rebecca.  I think she is great.  You might remember her from this post... We also went on a date night for Valentines day, but I don't think I ever blogged about it. shocking I know! 

Sammy got into the dancing spirit.  He wanted to dance with his mama.  
I was happy to be the chosen one.  

Hope Kids moms.  A bunch of the heart moms miraculously had a moment at this hope kids event for a quick picture.  The summer is great because there are so many fun things going on with hope kids and I get to see my favorite people more often! 

This little heart baby girl has the same heart defect as me. I love holding babies... a lot! When you are holding a heart baby for some reason it is just a little more tender! She is a little miracle, and I think she is going to have a great life! We heart you Shiloh!

Thank you Hope kids for such an enchanting evening!

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Nicole said...

Hi there! I'm a Heart Mama in Atlanta and just found your blog. Our son has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

I love the idea of Hope Kids. I would love to see if we have anything like that here in Georgia. How did you find out about it?