Aug 9, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

Some Days are better than others
Sammy spent the day watching the cement trucks from my closet window.  
I spend the day trying not to get carried away with sadness. 

My heart is heavy today.  It is breaking for the families who are waiting for a heart in the hospital.  We have three heart friends right now who need hearts.  Three.  It is so difficult.  My heart is also heavy for the families who will say goodbye to their child in order for those heart babies to live.  

I always live in gratitude- always!
Sometimes I am just overcome with the the pain of everyone involved.  

I have been thinking a lot about Jacob's mom, Jessica.  
Today Mia asked me where Jacob's mom was. 
Mia is so aware of Jacob and asks so many questions about him. 
Today when she asked me about his mom, I told her where she lives and then I couldn't help but wonder if she was having a good day.  

I often pray for her to have good days.  
Mia is asking about Jessica and I know someday she will get to express her love and appreciation for that perfect heart that keeps her alive.

Please pray for our friends.  They need a miracle... just like us. 

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cici said...

I will Pray
Do you have their blog links?
Stay strong Mommy