Aug 13, 2012

Riding with the Army Guys...

One of the many wonderful things about Make a Wish is how they have events throughout the year.  We were able to go ride with the soldiers in the Days of 47 Parade.  Jensen was so excited when he saw the big trucks we would be riding in.  

They gave the kids flags to wave and a squirt gun to use to get into a water fight with all of the soldiers.  I had no idea there would be a water fight or I would have brought some super soakers!! :-)

I felt badly for one of the gals from the Polynesian cultural center.  Some of the make a wish kids would not stop squirting her.  It was super hot so she probably dried quickly, but she kept trying to get away.

I just love this boy.  He is sweet and easy to please, and a good brother.  You can tell from his face that he is just a sweet kid!  He is growing up too.  The other day he informed me that he would like to grow out his hair so he can "jerk" it like "this."  Yes, he proceeded to do the Justin Bieber hair flick thing.  I told him of course he could grow his hair out.  I'm a little nervous because his hair is super fine.  I think it takes a little bit thicker hair to pull of the nice looking - long hair boy look.  

Mia made friends with one of the girls in the army.  

This float was cracking me up.  All of the people in front were out cold.  
I wish I had the fall asleep anywhere I pleased gene.  
We had to wake up crazy early... maybe they did too. 

Mia was adorable waving to everyone.  It was super cute to watch her wave.   I would tell her to wave to the friends, and she would wave enthusiastically and would call out, "Hi friends!"

I was so touched at the how many people would stand up when the troops were going by.  It was so touching... and they would applaud and yell "thank you."  I was trying to choke back tears at one point.    The troops really do so much for all of us!

From inside the truck. 

The kids started using water bottles as make shift water guns.  We had a big cooler of water to refill the guns.  Sammy especially loved spraying people with water.  Nana came along and held on to Sammers, which proved extremely helpful!

They taught the kiddos how to stand at attention. 
Then they demonstrated some cool army stuff.  

It looks like she is making another wish-  

Mia was presented ( I recorded the cute little ceremony) with an honorary soldier certificate.  She was so proud and went around and gave all of the soldiers hugs.  so sweet!  (also on video)  :-)

Sammy is not as big as the tires on this thing.  They were huge!

It was a wonderful day- very hot day! We went at got some yummy ice cream and went home.

Happy 24th!

Thanks Make a Wish for this awesome experience! We loved it!


Petersen Palace said...

Hi Mimi!
Heh heh heh I found your blog through Hillary's...I can stalk you now. Yes! Your family is beautiful and that make a wish and princess excursion look fantastic!!

Brimaca said...

AGain. Awesome!