Aug 14, 2012


Samantha has two older sisters... so she is making more of an appearance these days.  
He loves getting dressed up by his sisters. 
Some might frown upon this- not me.  
I think it's hilarious.  

He dances around until he is out of breath.  I wish I could freeze this boy at this age.
He just does the most entertaining things, and the funniest phrases come out of his mouth.
His little mind is definitely on hyper-drive. 

I love you little Sam... I mean Samantha!  


Erin said...

No frowning here! I think its great! I was the same way with Benson... he STILL will dress up with Ellie sometimes... only its not as cute as when he was 2! haha! We called him Benita! :)

cici said...

Love it. I used to dress up my nephews up like that and we had the most fun giggling the whole time. I found a snapshot the other day of one in his Mom's bikini. They loved it and still remember years later and I promise they don't dress like that anymore. ;)

Stefenie said...

Ha ha ha!!! Hilarious and too cute!

Brimaca said...

Hehe! Why frown?! He's having a blast!