Aug 16, 2012

St. Regis rocked our world

We attended one of my favorite Hope Kids events to date!
The fabulous people at St. Regis invited hope kids to spend a day at their resort.
We pretty much felt like celebrities all day long.  

In order to get to the resort you have to ride a "funicular" up the mountain.  I think that is what is is called anyway.  The kids loved it.  

My cell phone is awesome at taking pictures... not so much.  
This is the view while we were riding up to our royal treatment. 

The fanciest brunch of all time was waiting for us.
The food was incredible- yum yum!

My kids got a smidge out of control at the waffle buffet.  Between that, the self serve ice cream sundaes, and the cupcake decorating (yes all at brunch) they must have thought they were in heaven. 

There was a slew of activities for the kiddos to do.  
Basically any activity that was open to the guests of the resort the hope kids were invited to do. 
While JB, Jense and Ells were mountain biking, the littles and myself went for a nature hike.  The guy was very friendly and very informative.  I'm sure I learned a lot of what he was teaching biology or science a long the way... and I don't remember a lick of it. 

They had an animal show... We got to pet a lot of different animals including holding a snake. 
Once they brought out the snake Jense was nowhere to be found.  poor kid.
Mia looks so trusting- love her little face!

The high-light of the day for my kids was the pool.  
My kids love the pool- I do too, but as a parent the pool is an entirely different ball game. 
We stayed in the pool for a log time, but with the promise of cookies my kids agreed to move onto the next activity. 

They Set up a movie theater and the kiddos ate and drank to their hearts content.  I love these little mini fancy sprite bottles.  I think I need to keep some and spray paint them- they are just too great to throw away!

Mia was a big fan of the air hockey game.  They had employees stationed at all the activities.  The guys that were manning the game room were just gems.  They were really sweet with my kids and had a lot of fun playing with them.  I love people who genuinely care... without knowing your circumstance.  They jump right in and treat your hope kiddo and siblings like they are super special.  The game room guys definitely deserve a raise.  They aren't actually game room guys... they were just stationed there that day from their normal jobby jobs.

Sammers took full advantage of the giant coloring page.  
He would color for five seconds turn around and yell, "I color it!!!"  It must have seemed foreign to him to be coloring on something other than our walls for a change.

Sam would also clap after every point scored.  He was very enthusiastic about when the he would make a point and showed the same excitement when Mia scored as well.  I am surprised how quickly the two of them picked up this game.  
I don't think they have ever played it.  

Sammy had a go at the play station.  My kids have never had a play station- but I am a big fan of the kinect.  I don't think I will buy one anytime soon, but Ellie and I had fun doing the dance games with the Kinect.

Heading for home after a wonderful and exciting day at St. Regis!
Thank you St. Regis... Thank you Hope Kids!!


Hilary and Eric said...

Man I can't believe we missed St. Regis!!!! Looks so amazing! Glad you had fun!

Brimaca said...

Holy cow! Awesome.