Aug 29, 2012

When your kids are rowdy in church

Just take them outside and let them run a-muck.  That will teach them to be extra quiet in church! :-)
We went down for my sister's baby's blessing.  Mia and Sam were just not feelin' it that day.  
Mia wanted to climb over the pew and Sam wanted to scream at her for taking his cheerio's.  
Once we got outside they didn't stop moving.  Mia practiced all sorts of tricks, and Sammy mostly hid from my lens.  It was a really hot day.  We found a little shade and that is where we spent the hour that we were supposed to be in church.   

Nat's saw me heading out the door and probably knew I could use some help.  She made her get a way only to find out later that when she stood up she had cheerios stuck to her skirt.  
That's what you get when you agree to sit with the McDonalds. 

Mia pretty much gets everything she asks for from her Nats.  She wanted to spin... and so they spun. 

Sammer Jam kept playing peek- a - boo with me.  I am in love with this boy.  I swear every move he makes is magic.  Today when he was crying he was doing his shoulder dance as he cried.  What kid dances while they are crying?  Mine does.  This little boy is manna from heaven!

After church we took a family picture with the baby of the hour- Baby Callen.  My kiddos call him "Baby Cow."  We have been calling him "Baby Cal"  They can't pronounce their l's.  I'm pretty sure "Baby Cow" is here to stay! :-)  Sorry suz. 

My cousin Keith came.  We love him.  Sammy does too.  
While we were outside I did a mini photo shoot with Nat. She is just so beautiful - pic on left. 
It was a lovely Day. 
Thanks for the yummy food Suz- and the extra yummy baby.  He is so precious!

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