Sep 14, 2012

F.H.E ala Daddy

 A few weeks back I had to be in SLC on a monday night.  
Daddy carried on with FHE without me.  They went to the fire pits really close to the house.
They roasted hot dogs and some "mallows."
One of Sammers sweetest request of all time is:
"wanna wost mewows ah fiya?"

I have trained my husband well.  
He takes pictures with his phone of the kids when I'm not around.
So happy about this.  He also buys my chairs. Name that movie!

He actually texted this one to me... awe fur sweet! 
Love my esposo. 
I have a super cheesy lovey dovey 10 year anniversary post ready to post... soon. 

Sammers and Mees with their BFF- the BOTTLE.  
I am almost sorta trying to gear up for a bottle detox.  
We went to the dentist and Mia needs a cap on a tooth- Sayonara Bottle!
We just have to wait until post oral surgery on monday.
Once she is all better... they bottle fairy will make a visit. 

Looks like everyone wanted their name written with the black soot. 
I love these little feet... please stop growing- no really.
 I feel like I buy shoes more than I buy toilette paper.

Thanks for doing fun things with the kids JB- I makes my heart so happy!

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