Sep 9, 2012

"Mom! It's the temple"

A few mondays back we decided to go to SLC for family night.  We met at the temple and walked around for awhile, then went across the street to City Creek.  The kids loved going to the Temple.  One of the fabulous things about Utah is the kids get to scream... "It's the temple mom!" every so often from the freeway.  There are 13 temples in Utah, I think.  The best temple is the one that is on the penny, no wait the nickel.  My kids think that the lincoln memorial and the Monticello are temples.  Iiiiit's just as well.  Sometimes they ask me if they can have a money with the temple on it.  

Some stranger offered to take a picture.  I wish I had brought my nice camera... this blog is turning into the blog of cell phone pictures.  Oh well.  It's nice to have a pic of my people at the temple.  John and I were wed in that very temple.  I love the SLC temple!

We walked around the grounds for awhile.  Elvis wanted some pictures by these flowers.  The flowers at temple square are incredible.  I wonder if I could be a gardener for a day there.  I just want to plant a million plants and have them look so beautiful.

Me and my littles.

The kids wanted to replicate the statues.  Well... by kids I mean Ellie.  Sammers and Mia loved it, and Jense was  a good sport, but might be getting a little too cool for stuff like this! :-)

They kept spinning once they reached the platform. It would be interesting to know how many people have stood on that very platform.  It is a lot I'm sure! Sammy loved to jump off, get back on... then spin some more.  JB and I just got to watch our children play and enjoy such a lovely afternoon.
Definitely one to remember!

I got them to stop for a minute to take a picture.  
I am so glad we took the time to drive up.  
We need to come to the temple grounds more often.  
The kids love it, I love it, and it is the perfect activity for F.H.E

We ventured over to the Disney store. The kids roamed around and looked at all the neat things that Disney has to offer.  I cannot wait to take these little crazies to Disney world.  
The count down is on and I just know it is going to be the trip of a lifetime!!!

Not sure if you are supposed to climb on this structure, but the kids went ahead and climbed on up.  Looks like Jense is sitting directly on an eagles head.  Don't mind me. 

Making wishes at the fountain-
Sammy kept asking for the "muuuunies" to throw.  
He cleaned me out of pennies.  
Little Sammy is such a sweet little man. 

Daddy and Sammers took a walk around to look at the wadeee. 

Mia ran around like crazy at the water fountains- she kept asking and asking if she could get wet.  I kept on saying NO!  I don't know where that water has been... and I didn't have anything dry for them to wear.  This picture was one of the times she bolted back to where I was sitting to ask me. 

Mia's sweet little requests were quickly granted.  She did A LOT of happy screaming while waiting for the water to shoot out and into her face. 

I think this is the most fun the kids have had in a long time.  The anticipation was entertaining, and once they water hit them in the face they could not have been happier.    

The water fountain was definitely designed for kids.  
We need one of these in our backyard!

It was a beautiful family night- and the best part of it was the call I got while driving home that our sweet little friend Kaidence had gotten the call that she was getting a new heart!

She is now HOME with her sweet angel heart.  
Way to go Kaidence- we are so happy for you!

We are still waiting for 3 hearts for our heart friends.  All of the kiddos are roughly Mia's age and need a new heart asap.  Please pray for these families.  It is such a rough road and I know they can use a lot of Heavenly Help

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