Sep 15, 2012

My little Cheerleaders

Ells and Mia participated in a mini-cheerleading clinic.
They were adorable.

Mia didn't move a muscle... much like THIS post
and Ellie was right there at the 50 yard line hamming it up.
Ellie loves to perform!
I really need to get this girl into some classes.
Part of the week long clinic was getting to perform at the football game.

Ells ready to cheer and dance!  She was fabulous. Besides Ellie being super cute I am loving the I-pad video camera.  I didn't even know that I-pads had a video option.
Technology definitely advances faster than I will ever be able to keep up.

Mia was hidden behind some girls, but here is a little shot of her I snagged out from the video I took.  The fact that she was willing to go out there was a miracle.
She really enjoyed the celebrating going on by the little girls in front of her.

Also performing that night were my "other girls" the "Wat spettes."
The routine was awesome, they were awesome, and I can't wait for competitions to begin!

I have not been to a high school football game, well... sine high school.
It was fun to go back.

I was supposed to go last year when Ellie did the little cheer clinic, but I made it to the field right when it was over.  Woopsie.  It is difficult to judge when half time is.
I have those pictures somewhere....

If you are curious about what Sammer Jam did the entire time the band is playing here you go.  The squat dance!  I wish it was a clip of the shoulder dance because that is by far his signature dance.
He is my little crazy man!

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