Oct 25, 2012

Mia's Favorite Song

My sweetest Mia

Her favorite song, the one I loved to sing to her every night

She used to request "thinga ma bobs"

Then it became "look at this stuff"

My soul yearns to sing her this song again and see her eyes dancing with that sweet smile on her face.

I just want to reach through this screen and have her.
The way she twists her hair while she sings, her sweet little expression.
The way she holds her arms, and moves around shyly...
I am not cut out for living without her.

Nat recorded this darling girl singing her song

I just wish I could go into her room right now and give her a kiss while she's sleeping.
I hate my life now that she is not here to twirl her hair and sing.

Watching this does help
Oh how I miss her
My heart hurts