Oct 26, 2012


I am Sick
I feel physically Sick
Mentally Sick
Emotionally Sick
Spiritually Sick
Eternally Sick

There is no remedy
I can't think my way out of it
My body does what it will
I am SICK!

I am Sick

You know who wasn't Sick?  


She was fine!

She was tired
Her body was tired

They should not have sent her to the cath lab
It was a bad WRONG awful decision

He should have transferred her

Why didn't he transfer her?

She was fine.

It was a 20 minute trip in a helicopter

She would still be here.
I miss her so much I can't handle the most minuscule task.
Being here without her is not an ability of mine
I can't do this
I don't want to do this. 

I am Sick
There is no Remedy
I am sentenced to Sickness