Oct 25, 2012

Writing on the Wall

Yes, she had a transplant

Was the writing on the wall?




When Mia was an infant she had a blessing that clearly stated she would live a LONG and HEALTY life.  LONG!! LONG!!

4 years is not LONG!

I held fast to the words of this blessing- often repeating them in my head over and over during biopsies or sickness.  I always had an absolute faith we would get through it. Long and Healthy... done and done. I of course prayed all the way because that is just what you do. You pray when you have a transplant kiddo.  So many prayers about so many things.  I always prayed, but always too comfort from my faith in the words of her baby blessing. 

Long and Healthy life.  

The writing was NOT on the wall. 

She was fine.

People are living with transplanted hearts for years and years.

I always in my heart KNEW that Mia was going to be the transplant recipient to have babies of her own. It was a known fact in my mind.  Known fact.

Someone pulled the rug out.

The writing was never on the wall- ever.

When we got the call that someone had chosen to save her life- it was her LIFE they saved.
We ran with that and never looked back.

I was all in... never doubting her future... not for a minute.

I was so confident in her living a long and healthy life.
I had confidence in that blessing.
I knew it would come true.

You can imagine my internal conflict now being forced to live without my girl, always knowing she would live a long and healthy life.

So do I now cautiously believe in my own blessings?
I just can't work this out.

Long and Healthy life.  That's what it said.