Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

My mom brought this down to my house today.  She found it when she was cleaning up.  It is a shapes that Mia colored and her teacher "Miss Patty"  put a Happy Thanksgiving sticker on it.  My mom thinks her finding this is Mia's way of telling us something.  I'd like to think so's her way of telling us to have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish I could just hold her face and hear her say the words.  I miss her so!

Here the video from her transplant anniversary.  I am lucky to have friends who are willing to help me finish projects I start, but don't want to finish.  I feel so blessed today to have so many people who love our family.  It has been a beautiful day so far, and I am very thankful this day.  I am very very touched.  Post coming about the Turkey Trot.

4 Year Transplant Anniversary from Mimi on Vimeo.