Nov 8, 2012

I'm still in here.... Halloween Post

I used my camera to take pictures on Halloween. It felt nice. Both John and I decided Halloween was the day we really needed to rally, and rally we did! We love our kids and we know they need us. This is my favorite Holiday, and although I didn't get that into it, I have hopes that I will in years to come.

Jense was excited to carve pumpkins.  He is all about tradition and is my little creator man.  His creativity makes me a proud mama.

We had just a short time to carve pumpkins before it was time to trick or treat so JB decided power tools were in order.

The kids went to town making holes in this pumpkin with the "zught zught."

Sammers fresh out of the cribby got in on the action.  He had fun "carving" pumpkins.  I think my kids are going to want to use power tools next year.  Perhaps a dremel would do the trick.

The kids wanted Mia's names in the pumpkins.  JB was in charge of putting Mia's name in the pumpkins.

Very nice.

Not only did they get to use power tools, but they got to make pumpkin "guts" fly everywhere. The simple pleasures of kids.

Sammers could very well could be the cuttest puppy on the planet.  He requested a puppy, and just so happens my friend had a puppy costume for us to use. Thanks Amy.

The headband went a little skiwampus but he is just such a smiley kid... it's so easy to keep taking pictures.

Ells was supposed to be Rapunzel.  There is a story there, but it basically involves an order that never showed up because it never got placed.  I ordered it with Jensen's so not sure why it worked out that way, but it did.  So the night before Halloween I ran down to purchase a Rapunzel costume.  They were gone.  Ellie's 2nd choice was a Monster High Doll.

There she is my little monster high doll.  It sort of looks like repunzel?  right?  :-)  Na, I was a little miffed that we were trading a princess for something that is titled monster high, but I think she is darling, and she was really excited.  She told me that she loved her cool Monster High costume and colorful hair.

Luckily some friends in our ward picked us up and took us around in their fancy gator thinger.  I don't know if it's a car... jeep... not sure what the category is, but my kids call it a "gator."  It was perfect because I could sit there and take pics from the gator.  Sam and Ells were more interested in riding it than collecting candy... which was fine with me.  Thank you Sorenson's for letting us ride in style on Halloween.

Jense was off and running collecting candy so I didn't get a good picture of him.
He was a storm trooper guy.  We only made it to Nana's house and my camera battery died.
So this is the best shot I have of him

Trick or Treat Nana!  He yelled NANA!!! The whole way up to the door.
Sammy and his Nana have such a tender bond.

Daddy and his pup.

The pumpkins all aglo.

The Mia pumpkin.  Oh how we miss her.  Ells insisted we carved a good pumpkin for Mia. Ellie is so sweet and so breaking my heart at the same time.
Ellie kept saying, "Mom, Mia would love this!" I know she would Ells.

She keeps setting out Mia's clothes for school.  It is sweet and I am not going to tell her to not do it, she misses her sister more then anything.  Mia absolutely loves halloween.  I ache for her every minute of the day.

Somehow we survived our first Holiday without our little girl.