Nov 30, 2012

JB's parties

John Boy got his most favorite food for his birthday... Ketchup!! 
I know what you're thinking... GROSS!  Yes, yes. It is.  
We like to mess with him, and often.  

When we were first married I can still remember the gasping noise I made when he put ketchup on his tacos.  I have learned just to let it go.  Delicious spicy food... masked in ketchup.  It's a crying shame! :-)  Our friends brought him this bottle because they too think he is LOCO!

Sammers really wanted to light the candles, so cute Maya helped him try to light some.  Sammers has entered the world of doing things himself.  

Jense wanted to have a go at lighting them as well.  
I must admit there is something fun about lighting birthday candles.  
It is probably just birthdays in general that I love, but I can see why the kids are all about it. 

Happy birthday Daddy! 
There is someone missing from this picture.  
It hurts to post pictures of happy things, but feel so sad all of the time.
John really enjoyed his family/close to family party.  

Some friends we've had for forever hosted a little party for John boy.  
These are the "Hellewellies."  I have fond memories of getting together as newlyweds.  
These two are fantastic!  Thanks Matt and Carrie for throwing JB a party!

This cute girl made the delicious cake- Thanks Christina!!

That is a lot of candles.  He appears to be really excited about his birthday. 

I think he was excited because he knew he was aboutsta play "Brown Bear."  John's favorite childhood game was "Brown Bear."  We have played it a few times with the kids, but it usually turns into just regular old hide and seek.  An adult game of Brown Bear was exciting.  It is basically sardines... in the pitch black.  This was the last round and someone snapped a picture of a few of the people who had found "brown bear."  There are people underneath (not showing) other people in this photo.  My favorite part of the night was when the majority of us were in a closet in the basement waiting for the last two people to find us.  I heard the phrase, 
"I'm going to have an attack!"

I had to chuckle because these thoughts come to my brain often during the day.  
I'm going to have a big crying attack.  She wasn't referring to crying, but an attack nonetheless.  

Thanks to friends for providing fun distractions from the un fun time in our lives.
John enjoyed his birthday and that is a big accomplishment considering how he feels daily.  

Hopefully JB will get to enjoy a friendly game of Brown Bear before another decade or two passes.