Nov 9, 2012

Nov 9th 2008

4 years ago our lives changed forever.  We received a call that Mia's life would be saved.  It is the most glorious phone call a parent can receive.  She is our little girl and we got to keep her.  It was a beautiful day for us, but I knew hundreds of miles away there was a broken hearted mother.

This is Jessica.  If you know me, you know exactly who she is!  
This beautiful woman chose to save our little girl.  We are so grateful to her every day, and feel lucky to have her in our lives.  

We were supposed to meet for the first time next week.
Instead, she came to meet us in Florida.
If the only thing I do today is think about how much we love and will always love Jacob for saving Mia's life and Jessica for making the selfless decision to say yes... then it will be a full day.

Tomorrow marks the 4 year transplant anniversary. 
Jacobs little heart beat so beautifully inside of Mia for almost 4 years.
It is a miracle.  
We are so grateful to this family. We also met Grandma Jay (post to come) We love them.

Nov 9th 2008-
It is the day we found out that Jense and Ells would get to keep their sister. 
I believe that when Jacob went to Heaven Sammers was there to greet him.  They must have been together cheering Mia on.  Now maybe they are cheering on the individuals that Mia saved.  I wonder if I will ever meet any of the recipients and their families.    

At the hospital, she is the only one who understood what I was going through.  It is not an easy place to be, and now I understand what the giving side of organ donation is really like.  It was of course an easy decision for us, but actually saying good bye to my little peanut is still something I believe is way beyond my ability to endure.  Life with out her is debilitating, and impossible.  
She knows these exact feeling, and we have always hand a bond, but  now I understand her anguish.  I didn't think it possible, but I love her even more knowing the life she has lead for the past 4 years.  She is truly remarkable.   

There is so much more to say about our first meeting, and I promise I will blog about it soon.  

She is lovely, and I love her, and I wish she lived closer to me so we could cry together.   

Jessica, today I say thank you once again for giving us our little girl. 
You are our angel mother and you always will be!       
We love you! 

* Feel free to read back on the events of the day.  It was the day our lives changed forever. It is a day we cherish so deeply in our hearts. Nov 2008.