Nov 25, 2012

Shooting Star

Tonight Jense came into my room after brushing his teeth and said, 
"Mom, I have a strong feeling that we should go outside and look at the stars."
I said, "Ok, grab some blankets, and put your coat on."
Then I could hear him inviting Ellie to come... then his dad. 
While I was gearing up to go I was hoping that the kids would see a shooting star and that they would feel like it was a Mia in heaven sending it to let them know she was aware of them. 

This is exactly what happened.  
Within three minutes of being outside the Mia star shot across the sky. 
The kids reaction was priceless, and the conversations that followed were charming and sweet. 
What happened next is very special to them... to me. 

My children miss her so much, and they needed this. 
I am so grateful it happened for them.

Jense and I had a long talk about listening to those promptings. 
He feels pretty excited about his little message from Mia.
I am too.

She has always been a shining star in our lives.  As I sit and type this I remember my sister recorded a little video of her.  Here she is right after her birthday party.  It was a hot day so she came home while the rest of us cleaned up.  I am so glad to have these little reminders of what a precious child she is.  I love the sniffle and the "oh beh bay" and let's not forget her using an f sound when pronouncing "my."  She is my shining star!    
I just want to reach into the computer screen and have her.  

I miss her so much!