Nov 21, 2012


Sam and Ells are now left to sing "Starfall" without their "Meena."

My kids love Starfall.  They love the songs.  They have dance parties to the songs.  
Mia's sweet little voice could sing all of the songs.  She would listen to them over and over again in a loop.  She especially loved Georgie Porgie, and There was a crooked man.  I remember hearing her say "stich it up and stich it down" and laughing because I had no idea where she picked that up from.  Then I remembered it was from mend my shoe on Starfall.   

Hearing the songs play over and over again make me miss her even more if that is possible.  
She loved starfall, and I loved listening to her sing all of the songs.  She was a smart little thing, and learned lyrics quickly.  

One of the last songs I remember hearing her sing is a Taylor Swift song.  She would sing.. "WE eee never ever ever back agether."  She must have only heard that song a few times, but had the chorus down.  

Now there is a new tradition.  Ellie and Sammy watch startfall together and watch/read all of the stories.  Two things I am loving about this moment.  1) Sammy is using is halloween pumpkin full of candy for a foot rest  2) Ells uses her middle finger to navigate the touch pad (like me).

Not having her here to sing all of the nursery rhymes makes me crazy.
She should be right on the other side of Ells.

There is something missing from this photo!  
She will always be missing.  

My little peanut is not here and the kids sing the songs with each other but it is not the same with out that sweet little voice singing along.  It just isn't right.
Every day is a series of stomach punches weeping.
I just miss her and I'm sick and tired of not having her.
I need her face and body right here, right NOW!

Trying not to lose control...

On a lighter note,

~ If you are coming to the Turkey Trot tomorrow please stop and say hello.  
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