Dec 18, 2012

A Childhood Favorite

One of the highlights of my childhood was going to the annual Christmas party at the town hall.  I loved it.  Some how we missed it last year but this year I was determined to go.  My dad and I took Jense and Ells to one of the reasons we love living here.  Small towns at Christmas time are lovely.  The best part about the town hall Christmas party is the big brown paper sack of candy everyone is given as they leave.  Young and old get the same bag of candy filled with peanuts and cinnamon bears, and my personal favorite the chocolate clusters.

While we were sitting there enjoying the music, our attention was taken from the entertainers to a boy who was in the front dancing like he was alone in his room.  Everyone that could see him was clearly captivated by his uninhibited dance moves, and many people were trying not to laugh.  There were a few moves I just could not hold it in, and I laughed out loud.  The children especially were eating it up.  Ellie kept looking back at me in disbelief that this was actually happening, and was pleased as punch.  Even when she went up as a volunteer to ring a bell her eyes were glued to the boy with more personality than I've seen in someone his age... ever.  He completely made every ones night (well mine) and I'm glad that my friend got it on video so we can enjoy it again.  Whoever that little boy is he is a ham, as is on the fast track to an acting career.  So so funny!

Oh, and I cannot forget about Santa Claus.  When I was younger we had to sing a few songs really loudly in order for him to come.  That wasn't the case this year, he just jingled in like he used to, but there wasn't a crowd singing requirement.  This particular Santa is the exact same Santa from my childhood.  It makes me happy that so many things haven't changed.  A tiny sliver of happiness that is desperately needed in my life.  I miss Mia so much and everything we do as a family does not feel complete.  There is sadness and longing that will most likely accompany many future happy family memories.  She would have loved the party.... Santa... and especially her own big sack full of goodies.  She really would have.  Sammers was fast asleep at home because he was sick.  We will take him to see Santa at some point.  He insists that Santa is a "she."  He believes that "She" will bring him a "Thomas the train and track."  Maybe he is smarter than we give him credit for.