Dec 7, 2012

Bike For Mia

I am always so touched when I go visit the cemetery and there is evidence of someone else visiting.  It makes me cry every single time.  I just wish I could show you a piece of my heart that is happy that people other than myself love that little girl.  It is helping me on this awful journey to hear your stories of love for her.  Thank you!  One such story is a group of wonderful people who decided to do a bike 4 Mia trip coming up in May.  I'm truly amazed at people who did not know Mia previously but have gone to such great lengths to show their love.  The principal, Jody Rich and coach, Dan McKeehan of the girl's volleyball team at Hurricane high school are the wonderful strangers (not strangers anymore) who have organized this event.  There is even a website set up.  So touching.  John plans to ride his bike the entire way.  I am good for a stretch, but I don't know how fast I can go on a beach cruiser.  Hopefully Santa finds a good beach cruiser for me. ;-)
They also left these flowers when they came up for the Turkey Trot- Post coming soon.  

I don't have a picture, but the volleyball team also wore shirts that read: "Playing for Mia" on the back.  I got to meet the team and give them all a hug.  There is an article HERE.  So so sweet and endearing.  Thank you to our new friends in Hurricane!  

My parents left this solar lamp there.  It is engraved and sweet and I wish they didn't have to engrave solar lamps for their granddaughter   Ahhhh!  

Speaking of Solar items.  We got an entire box full of solar flowers from Mia's heart 
grandma Jay.  She sent an entire box.  Thank you so much Grandma Jay!!
I would like to make something weather proof (It hasn't much yet, but it will snow) to put them in.  I want them to last a long time.  You are so sweet to do that. Thank you!

One of the gifts from the gals that did the Mia tree at festival of trees was this singing mickey/minnie snow globe.  It is so sweet.  The kids love it and played with it for a few days before we took it up to Mia.  We were at the cemetery yesterday and it still works perfectly and blows the snow around even after rain.  

Per tradition- Sammers always leaves Mia with a Sammy kiss.  
Sam is quite the little affectionate one... common knowledge if you know him.  


I asked him to start writing his thoughts... he has.  I think it has helped me even if just a little bit.  Hopefully he will be posting soon.  

* I have a back log of so many people to thank for so many things... so so many things.  I remember a lot of them, but often times my mind is not switched on.  I have a glazed over look in my eyes and I am off in an other place mostly being sad.  Please know that if I fail to thank you publicly or with a card that I am very grateful for your kindness.  So many people have done sooo much for our family.  I wish I would have written it all down.  I was too busy being angry for the weeks following Florida.  I am still angry but where my heart was solid back there is some color now that has a place for gratitude.  A lot of gratitude.  So thank you!