Dec 12, 2012

going to DA DEWBY

Jensen just completed his very first pinewood derby.  
It should be his second. 
Somehow we completely missed it.
I think this experience made up for missing out last year. 

The organizers of the derby are wonderful. 
They had little cars for kids to paint. 
Ellie took full advantage of this. 

Jense's car was a bit too heavy so JB had to hollow out some of the car. 
He got carried away and hollowed out a little too much. 

Sammers was the perfect little spectator.  
I take that back...
A direct quote from my mom that night was:
"I have never seen him be this crazy! have you?"
He was standing on her lap wiggling every muscle in his body.  He also had a little gremlin growl to go with all of the acrobatics.  My mom is such a good sport.  She doesn't have a lot of choice because Sammers is in love with her, but she just let him be crazy.  

He kept going back to the food table for more "chipsss." 
He would sneak away with this look on his face. 
Then he would come back with a hand full of chips.  
He takes after his mom- If I had to pick a food to live off of it would be chips.  

Nana wrote Mia on the back of his car.  
He was planning on having it on the front, but then switched at the last minute.  
Jense is such a sweet kid. 

Jense was pretty proud of his Lego car

Lego car in action

High fives from Papa!  This look on his face says it all. 
He is pretty excited that his car made it across the finish line first.  

I love how he is trying not to show his enthusiasm, but just can't help it.  
It was a good good night for Jense. 
His little lego car did not disappoint. 

I think his favorite part of the night was when they were all just racing for fun in between heats and his lego car was coming in first every time.  His face lit up like it used to before... before Florida.  

Ells loving her own derby car. 

More high-fives. 

The Lego car.  

It was a group effort.  Jense and dad did the main construction/assembled wheels.  The day of the derby snuck up on us so my friend Kerry and I helped Paint and my mom who has perfect penmanship wrote the letters on.  Jense finished it off with taping a lego guy complete with steering wheel to the top.  He loved it!   

All of these photos are a little blown out... oh well. 
After Nana left Sammers was full of love for one person.  Maelin!
She is numero uno on his affection list. 
Last week at the Christmas party he asked for "my mylin"
He thinks she belongs to him. 

He is not afraid to show is affection.  
She was pretty surprised, but by the fifth or sixth sammy kiss I think she realized he wasn't going to stop.  Being the nice mom that I am, I just laughed a lot and took some pictures.  
He is just so full of love this one.  
There are certain people that warrant unprompted sammy kisses and Maelin is at the top of the list.  

Jense was pretty excited that his lego car won an award.
He came in 3rd place overall. 
He's pumped about it. 
He learned some tricks for next year and can't wait to try them out. 

Cutest boy ever!
It was a good night. It helps my heart so much to see my children happy. 
This night was a happy night. 

Way to go Jense!  I am so proud of you!