Dec 19, 2012

Mayans 2012 Party

The "merry misses" threw a Mayans 2012 end of the world party complete with some end of the world games, delicious food, and this awesome homemade pinata.  It was a really fun night and if we could have a party like this once a week I just might survive my life.  I know the world is not going to end... I just like that the Mayan calendar is ending and I have a reason to champion this belief.  In truth I hope it is not the end.  There I said it.  I don't want the world to end.  I am just insanely and by insanely I mean going insane with sadness.  I had so many plans for my daughter... my family... my life.  It is easier to shout Mayans 2012 instead of face my reality that my girlie is not here.  It is easier, and Mayans 2012 enters my train of thought multiple times throughout the day.  When certain memories creep in I can't suppress my urge to scream MAYANS 2012!!  It's just easier.  These girls have been around during said outbursts and decided a Mayans 2012 party was in order.  I laughed a lot that night, and you can tell by my smile (even though my eyes are closed) that I was happy for an evening.  I loved the party, I love the girls who made it happen, and I love my husband.  I even utilized someone taking our picture to do the John and Mimi pose... explained in THIS POST  Re-reading that post makes me feel loved and that I really did have it all for awhile. So much happiness, so many wonderful people in my life... Why!??? Why!  Stupid life. Stupid Florida. Stupid Stupid!!

The ladies.  Cha (holding pinata) and her esposo Joe are the creators of the fancy pinata. 
They are so creative.  I'm pretty sure they should go into custom pinata making. :-)
Oh and this pinata was made of cement disguised as cardboard.
I could not make it budge and I have a lot of anger.

I should post some of the recipes because all of these women have some serious Mayan 2012 food talents.  I wish I had some left overs right now.  Lilly even had a festive bowl that would open while it played a song then would close after the song was finished.  You had to be speedy about getting some salsa or no salsa this time. It was all delicious... all of it.  
Thanks Lil for creating and hosting this fabulous evening!
Also, thanks to my sis for babysitting!  

The making of the pinata-
stage 1

stage 2-

The fabulous pinata
Cha and Joe... serious talents, sabe? 

Here is some footage ala someones cell phone. My favorite thing about this clip is not how John smashes the the pinata with his body, or all of the shouts to hit it. There is one voice I am pretty sure it is Stacy (the brown bear queen) who says "make it rain" in the sweetest most polite voice. She is notorious for smiling while telling an unpleasant story, and just doesn't have a "make it rain" loud boisterous voice bone in her body. JB and I have listened to it over and over and just love it... and her.  I am still eating this candy... thank you!

MAYANS 2012... we still have 2 days to find out. 
What is something you always wanted to do that you didn't get to?  
Hypothetically speaking, if the world were to end? :-) 

My answer that night was that I have always wanted to go to New York.
There are a lot of places I want to visit... especially not in the country, but realistically I would love to go visit New York.  That is mine.  What is yours?