Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

Merry Christmas to our Angel Jacob
Today is his birthday

Merry Christmas to his Angel Mother
who saved our little angel.

Merry Christmas to my baby girl who is in Heaven with her angel Jacob

A little message from Jessica to Mia:

My dearest sweet little Mia,
You are a very special little girl. I am proud to call you my honorary daughter. You have given me some of my heart back. After Jacob died I felt like I had lost a piece of my heart. Being able to watch you grow into the beautiful little girl you are has started to heal and fill the void in my heart I was feeling. I love you and always will. I wish I could have had the chance to hold you in my arms and feel your little arms wrapped around my neck. I wanted to tell you how much I loved you without even having to meet you. Unfortunately, you were taken from this world before I even had a chance to say THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me life, thank you for helping me heal, thank you for giving me something I never had a chance to have. You touched so many peoples lives in just the four short years you were here in this world. Your sweet smile and the twinkle in your eyes just makes my heart melt. I am going to miss watching you grow up. 
Thank you for the joy you gave me.

This picture is the first meeting of Jessica and Mia.  She flew to Florida to say goodbye to her.  Sweet Jessica is finally being reunited with her son's beating heart.  I am so glad she got to feel that precious heart beat.  She has done so much for us.  

Jacob left his heart for Mia, and Mia left that precious heart in both of us. 
We have a bond that you can't put into words.  She is our angel.

She is my heart, and today we celebrate his life... both his and the life he gave to Mia.

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy. 

I think that Jacob and Mia must be together celebrating with Jesus this day.