Dec 2, 2012

Mia's Tree and more

This sweet girl (center) contacted me about doing a tree for miss Mia.  I was very touched and thought it was a perfect thing for a Mia Tree to be at the festival of trees.  Perfect! 
These are the wonderful ladies that helped do the tree.   

In addition to putting the tree together, they gave us some gifts.  There were so many neat things in the gifts, and the kids loved opening them.  Some of the decorations used for the tree were enclosed.  

The kiddos in front of Mia's Tree.  

The family with the tree.

Such neat people that did this tree.  I am so impressed with how they did this and they didn't even get a chance to meet Mia.  So neat. So touching!  Thanks so much to Melanie and EVERYONE in the picture.  My kids haven't stopped talking about Mia's tree. 

A few more pics.  I was told that Melanie's Sister made the tree skirt.  It is the most darling tree skirt I've ever seen!  

Donate Life Tree- 

Jense trying to point out what he wants for Christmas.  If it has anything to do with Lego's he thinks it needs to be part of his collection!  He saw THIS the other day and thinks it is possibly the coolest thing that ever was.  He is probably right. It looks pretty awesome.  Maybe in a few years Santa will come around and get it for him.   

This tree and all of it's extra's were so so so adorable!!  I loved all of the dress up clothes included.  John told me that he would make one of the small little closets for dress up clothes.  Such a great idea. I wish I had more pictures of Mia in dress up clothes.  She would have loved a little closet to hang her fancies in.  

We only saw a third of the trees before we had to leave for John's birthday, but of the trees we did see the kids were blown away.  Here are some of their favorites.  I can't believe how extravagant some of these trees are.  I love that so many people donate trees and all of the proceeds go to Primary Children's Medical Center.  I hope there will always be a Mia tree.  I already have some ideas for next year.  I kept an eye out for the IHH tree but it must have been on the other side from where we were.  I've been told it is great!   

I don't know when it ends, but if you haven't gone, it is definitely worth the drive.  So many neat things to look at, and the kids stay really entertained.  Sammy really really wanted the train off of one of the trees and that is when we decided it was time to leave.  The boy just can't handle seeing a train and not getting his little hands on it.