Dec 21, 2012

Remember Mia- Blankets

The relief society got together in our ward and make fleece blankets for Primary Children's hospital in honor of Mia.  There wer so many cute fleece blankets that I am sure many children will be happy to have.  Mia loved getting a blanket every time she had a cath.  They even gave her one this last time she was there to have her teeth fixed.  I attended the activity and helped make the blankets and I am so touched that so many women were there helping.  

I know there is nothing to say, and many of you who I see regularly feel like you need to say something to me about how much you love her.  Thank you!  It brings me happiness to hear how loved she is.  It eases the pain for a minute to hear she had an impact on your life.
I really appreciate the brief happy expressions of love.

Everyone loved her and that is what keeps me going.  She is so loved by so many.  
Thank you for coming, and thank you for this wonderful service project to honor my little girl.
I know they will bring comfort to many children.

40 Sisters made 55 blankets.  
Thank you again for your love and support!
Thank you Krista for the pictures.

Also, to whoever brought the desserts they were delicious and I ate more than I should admit!