Dec 6, 2012

Remembering Mia: Mia and Dax

Today's Remembering Mia is about an afternoon this last fall. 

A friend and I signed our girls up for gymnastics together, and on one of the afternoons I took her son Dax with me to the park with the other kids.  He is an adorable little boy and it brought so much happiness to my heart to have a cute little friend for Mia.  They played off and on at the rec center, but she felt safe with him, and on this particular day I remembering shedding tears, but they were tears of happiness.  

On part of the playground there is a suspeded bridge that is unstable when you run across it.  Mia is always a little cautious with things like this and she stood at the edge calling for me to help her.  Right when I was about to get up and help her, Dax ran back across the bridge and said, "I'll help you." He took her by the hand and led her across the bridge.  Once she was on the other side she informed me that Dax helped her and that she was ok.  She went to go back across the bridge but she was still not sure about it.  Once again he helped her across the bridge.  She went down the slide and back up to the bridge.  She paused there waiting for Dax to help her and when he approached her he sweetly said, "Are you still afraid? That's ok."  Then he proceeded to take her hand and lead her across the bridge. I started crying at the kindness in this little boy.  He stayed with her and kept helping her across the bridge like he was guarding a princess.  He took care of her on the playground and I just sat and cried.  It was so tender and adorable and I thought about how if we stayed here in the valley they might go on a date someday and I can tell them this story.  This picture is not the best, but cute little Dax in the black shirt was holding Mia's hand helping her across the bridge.  I promptly texted my friend to inform her on what a little gentleman her son is and how touched I was.  She probably thought I was crazy for crying, but seeing a four year old treat her with such sweetness and care was extremely touching to me.  
I dont know why it hit me the way it did- It was just so precious I had to share this memory. 
Maybe Dax knew how special she is.  Maybe he understood. 

I wish more than anything I could just take her back to the park.  She loved going to the park... loved it.  She was becoming so uninhibited and it was great to watch her have so much fun.  
I miss her so much. 

After the playground they decided it was time to roll down the hill over and over again crashing into the chain link fence below.  Sam especially loved the sound of crashing into the fence.  

One little girl dancing on her "stage" at the park.  My cell phone takes the worst pictures, but despite the poor quality you can see just how divine she is.  Always smiling, always happy... the sweetest little girl.  I wish I could roll back the clock.  I live in a constant desire to go back to my life with her.  I just want to go back.  I just want to hold her.  Is this really my life?