Dec 9, 2012

The "pool pool" one

Mia's very most favorite color is purple.  She always requested "the pool pool one" if the option for something "pool pool" arose.  She could say "purple" perfectly but we (jb and I) usually coin certain words that our children say and it is the new and forever way to say that particular word.  "Pool pool" is one of those words.  The other night Raegan and I went shopping for a tree for Mia, and we found the perfect little "pool pool" one.

We decorated it the day before and woke up early to take it to the cemetery before school.  Ells was the main decorator.  She wanted to put all of the ornaments on the tree.  John and Jense were too busy being goofy and laughing to help us out.
It's just as well because Ellie wanted to place every last one.

Nana and Papa came too.
It has been a blessing to live by my parents.

Sammers is just easy to take pictures of.  You will notice that this blog has five times the needed pictures to document her tree.  This is a common theme with my blog.  Where one picture would suffice there is always six... or twelve.  

I can't resist

A friend of mine met us up there to take some pictures.

This is that friend.  
Hopefully we're still friends after I post this early morning picture of her. :-)

Sammy gives a kiss

ells said, "mom, can we all hold this up and you take a picture?"  
I said yes.  Jense was holding it but I think he decided he was too old for that. 

Ells asked me if Mia was going to see her tree.
I told her she would.
I wish I could leave messages to her.
There are so many things I want to tell her.

Another visitor left this balloon.  
It would be neat to have a waterproof book, or some kind of guestbook. 
I would love to know who is visiting.  
Thank you!

Mia's Christmas tree
This is the saddest picture -

I missed you so much today my Mia girl. 
Today and everyday!