Feb 27, 2012

Biopsy Day- A Documentary

Mia’s big annual biopsy was today. We started off the day a the criggity crack of dawn and I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep on the drive… not that surprised… but I was super tired. Mia kept asking for snacks the entire way. I ran out of distractions, and was relieved when we got to the hospital.

Once we were checked in Daddy and Mia explored the hospital together.  The waiting room was packed… and we don’t do packed waiting rooms… especially at hospitals.  She loved the fish.

Despite being really hungry she had plenty of energy and was running around and wanting to go up and down the elevator. 

I always hate right before the cath lab.  She has so much spunk and energy and then after all of the in’s and out’s (literally) of the cath she looks  beat, and my happy little girl can’t muster her usual effortless smile.

Mia and Daddy running around in the hospital.  She has quite the mischievous look on her face.  John boy and Mia were off on an adventure when she was called back.  The tech lady didn’t seem too thrilled that she wasn’t right there.  Oh well… she was hungry and needed distraction.  They made it back two minutes later, but then we waited for an hour and 45 minutes after that.  I had to laugh.  She claimed, “They are all waiting for her.”  No guilt trips today, thank you. :-)

“K dad, let’s go!”  Can’t get enough of this face!

Mia was fascinated with the magnet board.  I could have spent some time on that magnet board myself. I never cared for math... except for geometry.

She was thoroughly enjoying all of her pre-ops.  Temp, blood pressure, sats, etc. 

Pretty peticure compliments of Aunt nats and painted over by one Elvis Camille

Child life stopped by and gave her this little hospital doll to color.  She went to town with the “purpoo” marker.  She kept saying, “oh, this is Mia.”  

Last picture before the cath procedure.   Mia didn’t get any medicine before the procedure.  She went right to the nurse and went to sleep with no problems.   The room seemed so big and scary… walking away from my little peanut and leaving her there is too much.
 It NEVER gets easy.

Luckily I filled up my entire wait time chatting up with a new heart mom friend.  She has the cutest little peanut of a baby and there is never a shortage of things to talk about with other heart moma's.  Her daughter is precious! I have pictures to prove it.
I also ran into two other transplant moms.
Heart mom's are the best of the best- post coming soon about these wonderful women!

Ok, so onto the technical stuff.  I took a picture of the monitor to help esssplain.
Mia’s coronary arteries (dark lines)  look fabulous! Yay!  She did form a little “connector” aka fistula that is not ideal, but is small so they aren’t going to worry too much about it.  It is the c shaped artery section right in the middle of the picture.  They might eventually coil it, but for now they are just going to leave it alone.  Such a beautiful heart... and beautiful arteries. 

The pressures in her heart were elevated.  This can be due to rejection, but can also be due to having a salty meal the night before.  I was pumped because she basically had a salt fest yesterday.  The biopsy results were not available until later in the day.

My little girl post-op.  She was so adorable… and sleepy.  She was so hungry that she drank too much too fast and some decided to come back up.  Poor baby!

One of the highlights of the day unfolded while Mia was getting her echo, it went down like this:
I was chit chatting with the man performing Mia's echo and after a big conversation about how we always had the same girl do Mia's echos in Seattle and how much we loved her we talked some more about Seattle and all of the family he had up there.  Then a little while later he said, "oh so you were in Seattle... do you know a girl named Laura?"  I said.... "yes yes... that is the girl I was telling you about!!!"  He further explained that she was there earlier that day.  She was there for an interview.  I couldn't believe it.  I knew she was going to interview, but didn't know when.  I promptly texted her and she came back to the hospital.  It was one of those crazy coincidences.

Yay! Our Laura came to visit and stayed with us until we got to leave.  It was so great to see her! I hope hope hope she moves here and we can resume our usual echo party time.  Seriously love this girl.  She has been with Mis Mia from the start... I mean fetal echo start.  We love her and it was so good to catch up!  Thanks for coming and helping out.  Mia woke up and one point and not sure if it was the medicine or what but she had to be in my arms.  "I want to hold Mia!!! I want to hold Mia!!"  I love her third person demands.

We had to swing by the x-ray lab on our way out.  Oh, and we ran into someone from home.  

I never let Mia ride in the hospital wagons, but she really wanted to... and she was hating it... so I closed my eyes and let her ride to to x-ray and then out to the car in her chariot. 

Now, the news that a handful of you have been dying to know :-)

Dr. Everett is not going to officially call it until Thursday, but the preliminary results all point to:


yay!!!!  I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but I can't help it.  She is still going to check on her veins in a few days and see if she ends up with an infection, (she was showing some signs) and then she will officially "call it!" :-)

They may have her do a little bump of steroids just in case.  Her pressures were elevated, and they are trying to figure out why... so there is a chance we will do the bump. I can handle a five day course of steroids.  I can handle no rejection! I can more than handle the great day we had and great news we received!  

Mia will be on bed rest for a day... so that will be easy! :-)  She has done a great job of cuddling me while I type this up.  Yay Mia!  We are so grateful and blessed for such great news!
I'll do a quick update on Thursday... ya know- to make it official.

Feb 26, 2012

Scouting Night

Jense Buddy is loving Scouts.  At the blue and gold banquet he earned three belt loops... but hasn't earned his belt yet ;-)  I need to hop on the horn with getting him squared away with some scouting supplies.  You can tell I was never a scout... definitely NOT PREPARED. 

Sammers looking up to his big bro.  I love this picture!  It just depicts so much.
Sammers looks like a mini man. I love him.  My two boys... growin' up... someone hold me! :-)

It was a Chinease new year theme, and the boys all had these head bands on.  Jense got the "honor" band.  He has been wearing it off and on since that night.  

He displayed 10 of his lego creations at the banquet.  This kid is all lego. 
 One of these days we need to take him to lego land.

Jensen's group did the flag ceremony.  

Here Jense is describing all of his Lego creations.  "This one is a go-kart... the one is a jet ski... fighter jet...this one is a crane thingy... and... and... um... I don't know what this is!"  He is part comedian. 

My future little scout.  

Feb 24, 2012

Waspette Reunion

"All the single ladies... all the single ladies."  Actually, only one of us is "single," but for one night we might as well have been back in high school - single, young (cause we're so old), still dancing every morning together.  Here we are sporting our kick-line...we've still got it! :-)

It's so interesting how when you spend an evening with girls who knew you years ago it takes you right back... and makes you feel like literally no time has passed.  We had a really good time.  A few girls brought their scrapbooks that had more pictures in it then I have of my entire high school experience.  Some of the pictures I could have done without seeing... but it was good for a laugh!  I have missed these girls and it was so fun to get together!  Our plan is to get together every year and hopefully recruit some more girls next year.  I also planned some trivia and Taylor and I brought some prizes.  Some of the girls coming were sick, soooo everyone got a prize- yay! 

Due to the over abundance of photos, there were some old team pictures.  This is a re-creation of the poses we were assigned for one of our big team photos.  I didn't get my pose quite right... but close enough.  Thanks so much for a wonderful night ladies!  We really covered all the bases with our conversations, and I loved hearing about each of your lives. I'm so glad you could all make it!! 
Go Waspettes!

Feb 23, 2012


If any of you caught modern family this week.  I laughed so hard because these two sisters do the EXACT SAME THING to Sammers.  When he gets on his "pitty dress"  we call him Samantha. 

Cute as a button little Samantha.  I am going to miss the day when he no longer lets the girls dress him up.  He just runs around like his usual boy self, but is donning  a dress.  It's extremely entertaining!  Sam, when you are reading this in years to come... don't be mad.  
The girls needed a real live doll and you fill that roll perfectly. 

Feb 20, 2012

Ellie's 7th Spa Party

The invite for Ellie's b-day party.  I printed them on sparkly paper... for a sparkly spa party!  They turned out really cute.  Luckily I have a friend in the party biz an she sent me some fun files for this fabulous spa party.  Check her out HERE   Jenn is her name, and she exudes fanciness! 

Ellie's Party was SPARKTACULAR!  We started off her spa party with a pedicures.  This was one requirement for the sparkly party that Ellie didn't want to budge on.  She also wanted to do green masks... but then I thought of all of those girls having to wash the green mask off of their face,  I distracted her with cupcake decorating.  I blurred out the party guests in this pic because I am not familiar with all of the mommies, and don't have their permission. 

The aftermath of all the feet soaking. I heard one girl say, " my feet feel so special."  I had to laugh. 

After the pedicures the girls got to pick out sparkly finger nail polish and got their toes and fingers painted.  Luckily some of the Waspettes showed up to help paint fingers and toes.  We would have been there all night if I had to do them all.

Daddy even jumped in and helped.  He got to paint his little girls toes on her birthday- so sweet.

 Pretty in pink nails

Polka dot nails. 

Big hugs from Hailey.  Ellie hearts Hailey... and all of the Waspettes for that matter!

The treats!  I usually have mounds of food left over after every party.  These girls were hungry!

 I had left over cello wrappers from Mia's party.  
I quite enjoyed loading the candy into the little wrappers... my mom?  not so much. 

Happy Birthday lemonade-
A big thanks to my friend Shayla for helping me get this all ready.
I thought I had plenty of time after school, but turns out I didn't.  She helped set everything up, and even stayed and painted nails!  I really appreciate it.

I never got around to using the labels... woopsie.

After all of the beautifying the girls decorated candy bags and cupcakes.  Mia insisted on "chockit."  
She didn't eat it, but she licked off the frosting.

Ellie's dream come true was having some of the Waspettes show up to her party!  She was in Heaven.  I am so glad they were able to come.  I love ALL of these girls.  Thanks so much for giving Ellie her number one wish!

In the hip hop routine the girls do a basket toss throw thing. The girls made the mistake of letting Ellie give it a go at a basketball game once.  Now, it is the top thing on her priority list. 
They are all good sports!

The Waspettes and their number one fan... on her birthday.

The pinata was a hoot.  Mia could not hold up the bat.  It was really entertaining to see her try and maneuver it around. It doesn't get any sweeter than this girl!

She eventually got the hang of it.

Ellie was completely spoiled this year! I have never seen so many gifts for one little girl.

This year was definitely the year of the kit.  She had all sorts of kits... jewlery kits, votive candle kit, teady bear making kit, gingerbread house making kit, pizza making kit, solar system kit,
and a sand art kit (this was really fun). This girl is set on kits!
I think there should be more "kits" for adults.

Mia and Syd played the piano to entertain themselves us. 
Thanks uncle Nathan for taking some pics for me!

The girls had fun playing musical chairs and red light green light.

The last two girls in musical chairs.  Ellie won- which I am proud of... not in a I need my daughter to win sort of wayShe is just that girl who will purposely lose so the other person will feel happy.  She doesn't win on purpose and I just think it is healthy for her to win sometimes and be happy that she won.  I don't want her to feel guilty for winning.  OK, self therapy time over. 

Elvis and Brea.  She wants to be just like Brea when she grows up!  
Me too... except I'm twice her age.

Ellie loves this girl.  I am so glad she has such a good friend.

Ells and Abbs.  These two cousins are little partners in crime.  
I'm glad there is a girl cousin close to her age for her to play with. 

Sammy just wanted one thing the entire party... besides my sister Raegan.


Sammies b-day is coming right up.  We are planning a train birthday party.  We might have to switch it to a balloon party... or a bubble party- both high on the can't live without chart.  OR, we could do a train, ballon, AND bubble party.

The  Birthday cake.  Soo the plan was to have a few of the cupcakes together to sing to Ellie... well the candles went MIA.  Ellie was fine just to eat cupcakes and ice cream at her friend party.

Luckily Suzie showed up for the family party right after the friend party and brought this fabulous cake!  Thanks SUZ!

I ran home to look for the fance candles that we bought, but they were no where to be found.  I found a few random candles in the cupboard.  She didn't notice.

She always gives her candle blowing out privileged away to "the babies" anyway.  I wonder if she will ever blow out her own candles.  While we were singing to her, she was busy rounding up her two little siblings so they could do the honors.  She just gets so much more joy from having them involved, than blowing them out herself.  Although it looks like she is blowing them out... she is just demonstrating. 

Ellie- Happy 7th birthday to YOU!  I can't believe it has been 7 years already.  Your daddy and I love you so much, and appreciate you!  Our favorite thing about you is the amount of love you have to give, and how freely you give it away.  You have so many unique qualities and we know they will serve you well throughout your life.  Hope you had a great day!  Love, mom