Apr 27, 2012

A request from my boy

Jense marched in last night and told me he had something awesome to show me.  He proudly showed me his latest lego creations.  I take a lot of pictures of his lego creations, but this one is different because of the question that went along with the reveal....

With his face beaming with pride he asked me, "Mom?  Do you have time to do a blog about these?"

For you Jense, I have all the time in the world!  

I love my lego boy and I love how he loves to show me ALL the cool things he makes.  He has developed quite the creting bug.  He has something different attached to the top off all of his remote control cars every other day.  He has asked me every day this week to go the recycling center so he can makes something out of "old things." Our recycle pile doesn't keep him busy enough. :-)
He is such a fun and rewarding son! 
 I also love that he requested that I blog (my hobby) about it.

Love you Jense!

Apr 24, 2012

The Sweetest Gift

When we came home from St. George there was a box waiting for Mia to open.  
She was super excited. 

 Daddy helped her get it open.

She excitedly pulled out the tissue paper...

which was concealing a brilliantly colored afghan

She immediately scooped it up and gasped with excitement.

She held it tightly while making her usual happy cuddly noises.

I think she knew immediately why this blanket was extra special.

The note inside revealed why it is so special.

This beautiful handmade afghan was made by Mia's heart grandma.  She started making it for Jacob and could never quite finish it until now. She finished the blanket and gave it to Mia.  Sweet Jacob's precious heart keeps Mia alive every day- and now everyday that heart will be comforted by his Grandma's beautiful blanket.   This is so precious I almost don't have words to describe what a treasure it is.  This will be a keepsake for Mia her entire life.
 It is beautiful and I can't thank you enough.  It brings tears to my eyes often thinking of how much love we feel from you and how blessed we are to have been given such a precious gift and from such an incredible family.  I believe Mia was given the best donor family.  I am so humbled by this gift and how you finished Jacob's blanket to give to Mia.  It is too much for my heart.  I want you to know how much we love you and your daughter!  Thank you for saving my sweet baby girl- and thank you for continuing to love her.  Someday she will get to tell both of you "thank you" herself.  Until then, I hope you know how grateful we all are.
This afghan is beautiful!

Apr 23, 2012

Two Extremes

We went to clinic yesterday.  I went up to visit a friend and when I met John in the cafeteria he gave me the super yucky crappy news that Mia needed another biopsy in TWO WEEKS! What?  How many times can we poke this girl?  Seriously!?!  She is such a sweetie pie... I just want to leave her be for five minutes.  I am extremely sad she needs another one so soon.  I just feel awful when she wakes up from anesthesia and then has owies for the days following.  I just feel mean. 

Mia was being so goofy at lunch.  She kept making these goofy faces, so we joined in.  The women sitting at the next table over was quite entertained by miss Mia.  I love having daddy in the next bldg over.  He comes to meet us for lunch when we have appointments.

Yesterday the nurse asked me, "Is she always this sweet?"  She was being extra adorable chatting up the nurse and having comments for every little thing the nurse was doing to her.  "Oh, that's a sticky one" "Oh, it's squeezy."  I honestly answered Yes! She really is that sweet!

I am so sorry sweet girl that I have to take you back.  I promise it is the last one for awhile. Hopefully this next biopsy comes back with zero rejection.  In the mean time we will work on getting your white blood cell count up... cause it keeps dropping.  

Even though this is biopsy scheduling is not fabulous news, we do have something exciting going on in Mia's world.  She is..... drum roll..... POTTY TRAINED!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!  I am so excited.  She has been going in the potty for over a year now and due to a recent medicine change...has now mastered the whole potty thing.  I am just beyond thrilled.  This is EXTREMELY good news! You did it girl. Despite all the yucky medicine that causes all sorts of lovely GI issues- you did it!!

Apr 22, 2012

Girls Weekend... in FORKS

Warning: Long post. I guess most of my posts are long... but this one is essstra long.

The girls on John's side of the family met up for the annual girls weekend.  Our first stop was in Port Gamble.  We ate at this adorable little restaurant inside a beautiful building.  Not sure what the name of it was, but I LOVED the architecture.  The building was really old. I am amazed how how beautiful old buildings are on the inside.  It just seems it was more of an art form back then, and now it is just... well not.  I'm sure there are beautiful recent structures, I just don't get out much.

This little town is the most quaint little place ever.  If you ever have a chance to go. I highly recommend it. Oh, and the sauce they give you with their sweet potato fries is pretty much to die for. 

My sis in law Shanna is a hoot.  Love her to death.  She is one girl on a mission with this company.  She just earned herself a fancy car! Way to go sis!

All of the ladies. Like most things in Western Washington, this place is next to the sound. 

We just hit this little town on our way to FORKS.  Yes, yes Forks. I know.  I was skeptical, but if you are going to just basically stay in a cabin for a weekend, forks is the perfect place.  It is not warm by any stretch, but we stayed warm inside.  Now that I've been there I am a big fan of Forks.  

We stayed across the street from Jacob's house.  This house was the most believable to me... not that any of the movie was filmed there, but I could imagine Jacob's home looking like that.  It even had a wheelchair ramp.

Once we got settled, all of the kid free mom's got a little crazy.  Jumping from bed to bed was the first thing on the list.  The kids (mom's) didn't get hurt... which was a nice change from the usual bed jumping that goes on at home.

They also had a tire swing behind the cabin.  I'm pretty sure I heard a pack of wolves while I was back there swinging.  Or maybe it was the crazy sounding sheep.  
Or maybe it was a wolf in sheep's clothing. :-) Ok, that was a reach.

La Push was beautiful!  Again, wasn't too jazzed about going to La Push, but am so glad we did.  If you look closely in the water you can see a seal.  He kept bobbing around... it was neat to watch him.

Me and "Beeps." We were hopping to get a picture with the seal- he was hiding. 

This is what happens when you try and take a picture by yourself.  Extreme closeup!

La Push beach.  It really was so beautiful. I wish I had taken my nice camera once we got to the beach.  I just hate hauling that thing around.  Love these ladies!

Whale watching.  We really saw a whale. We watched him for a long time.  I was surprised how close he was to the shore.  I took a bunch of video for the kids.  When I showed them, they weren't as excited about it as I was watching it live. 

JM + MM  Beach art. 

Hellllo Edward. Fancy seeing you here in Forks.  Notice I put this after the beach art?  he he. 

Now for all of you that will never make it to forks- here is the grand tour... it takes about 10 minutes round trip in a car. :-) The visitors center had Bella's truck parked out front. 

The Cullen Residence- looked nothing like I imagined it in the book.

A little note from Esme on the front door.

All of Edwards Graduation Caps

Bella's Home-

We did drive past the high school and hospital... but I'll spare you.

It was such a wonderful time! I truly was.  I miss all the ladies of Washington. Luckily we have this yearly retreat.  I even got to meet my little nephew Logan... so precious!

Apr 20, 2012

Germ Detectives

John boy had clinicals at the health department in Park City. They used this powder stuff to demonstrate how easily germs can spread and how inadequate hand washing doesn't get rid of the germs. He brought home the powder and the lights and let the kids have a hay day. It's non toxic- they put it in popcorn to demonstrate how germs can get everywhere just from eating.

The kids had a lot of fun!  John was the artist.  

Mia loved looking at her glowy face in the mirror.  
It was hilarious to watch her look at herself. 

Jensen wants to put some all over the wall and get a night light like the one John brought home.  Jense is always thinking what he could potentially do with something.  Love it.

Ells- She asked for a butterfly... this is what she got.  I think next go around mommy will be the artist and dad can take the pictures.  Sammy was asleep, so we will have to get to him next time.  This is definitely not the last time our kids will have fun with this stuff.

Apr 11, 2012

Waspette Spectacular

If you read the post about the practice... here is the follow-up performance post.

Ells Bells (yes we call her that!... some times we call her "helly" too)  was quite excited about her performance.  I had to go early to set up a photo display, but Nana did a fabulous job getting her hair all fancy! Thanks Nana.

I love how it looks like she's floating.  Let's hear it for the BOY!!  She still does her dance around the house.  I should download that song for her.  Oh and John boy took these pictures and they are actually in focus!! wut wuuuut?  He usually has the background in focus, so I'm so pleased he got some. 

My little girlie wasn't feeling quite right.  This was back when she was still on the steroids.  She looked super cute, but wasn't herself.  She went out on the Floor with Erica, but didn't want to do much dancing. She didn't really dance during the practice, so I wasn't expecting much... but she didn't want to look up and smile- which is something she really loves to do.

She was a good trier at the end, and I think this is a great first performance for my little girl.  Someone asked to describe what things we never thought we would see her do.  I am writing up a story about Mia right now (I'm not very good at assigned writing p.s.)  :-) and this is one of those moments.  I wish that someone could have shown me this day when we were waiting in the hospital for her to be given the sweetest gift.  I NEVER imagined that she would one day be with a group of little girls her age out on the dance floor.  It makes my heart so happy an I want to freeze the way I feel forever.  Little things hit me from time to time.  Today for example she was chosen to help hold an sign and then pick a match for Primary.  Seeing Mia up in front of all the Primary holding that sign so happy and proud pretty much made me cry on the spot.  Then she peeked over her arm to see if I was watching and the look on her face was the most honest expression of Joy.  She felt so lucky and proud to be up there for her 30 second turn.  I think I might have felt more lucky and proud watching her do it. 

Speaking of proud moments.  My dad pretty much felt like a champ getting to escort his daughter (moi) for the Waspette Spectacular.  When I started this job back in Octoberish...we watched one of my old Waspette videos.  My dad made me pause the video every time I was on the screen.  He would say, "Is that mine?"  If any dad ever had ownership of his daughters... it's my dad.  At the end of the video it had pictures from previous years and my oldest sister (who was also a Waspette) was on there.  I had to do the whole pause the video while he found "his" daughter on the screen.  When the movie was over he sat back and said in a big sigh... "Those were the glory days!"  I immediately laughed.  During the video when it showed him escorting me out he gave three big cheers and followed it up with a "yes yes yes."  You kind of have to know my dad to understand, but he can get peppy... if you will.  I knew at the end of the year we would be holding this event and you can tell by the look on his face that he got to (for about 60 seconds) "re-live the glory days."  I attribute a lot of my confidence in how proud my dad WAS of me.  Thanks dad!  Now that we live with him and my kids... all of his pride has surely flown out the window.  :-)

For the last dance of the evening the girls insisted that Jordan and I dance with them.  I feel like I can handle pretty any thing that is thrown at me, but let's be honest... I don't move like I used to.  Much to my embarrassment I joined in the hip hop dance.  I would pretty much to anything for these girls so they better know I love them!  They literally had to drag us onto the floor (which was choreographed, but still.)  It is a super fun dance, but I'm glad it is over.  I think I developed an ulcer over the anxiety of performing.   I would post the video, but to preserve my pride... I will not.  

Even though I am old and "out of practice" that is not the case with Jordan.  She could perform every dance with these girls no problem.  That is her and I in the front doing what they call a "stall" - new term to me.  Luckily I didn't have to do much.

Team HUG!  This was a sad minute.  Ten of these girlies are seniors and it was their last time performing.  These girls put so much into this team, and saying goodbye is not easy.  I am going to miss them so much.  It will not be the same without them for sure. 

There were some extra flowers so Ells and Abbs didn't miss a beat when they saw them sitting in the box.  Ellie loves getting flowers after a performance.  

Me and my two littles. I completely forgot to mention that while sitting in the stands after her performance Mia tossed her cookies everywhere... specifically ALL OVER MY CAMERA!  That is why all of the pictures after her are crummy.  My sweet Mia... she never got sick- I think she just drank waaaay to much and it all came back up.  Sadly JB had to take her home so he missed my lovely thirty year old turn high school hip hop girl performance. Another day dear... another day.  Probably not though. :-) I need to send my camera in for a focus issue... maybe they can give a deep cleaning while they're at it.

My friend (the one who did Mia's fabulous video) is in the process of making our Waspette video as well.  I am currently in the process of making a career move to do what she does.  Not that I technically have a career... I just love what she does.  Here is a small portion of the video.  It is so fun...I love it. After you watch it you'll know why I need to make the switch.

You Gotsta Be a Waspette of you Gotsta Go!! wooo wooo wooo YOU KNOW!

Apr 10, 2012

Choo- Choo Train Party

Sammer Jam party post!  We went to Park City to explore.  Sam was in toddler heaven at the ride on toy place.  He went from ride to ride holding onto steering wheels, making engine noises, and moving his body as if he were actually riding a horse.  It was adorable to watch, and I'm going to have to return to this place often.  He didn't not want to leave.  Luckily he wanted his bouncy ball and I instated the art of distraction and we finally got out of there.

Sammers has a small obsession with trains... so a train party was definitely the way to go for this little man of mine.  He helped me make his own cake.  He dumped everything into the bowl...turned the Kitchen-aid on and off... and licked the spoon.  He pretty much did everything except for put it in the oven and take it out.  He went down for a nap during the decorating.  I think it would have looked a little different had he been awake.

My little man is 2- It is just crazy talk.  Next year there will be a three on his cake, and you will find me in my bed, most likely in the fetal position in disbelief.  My babies are leaving me... It's just not ok. 

Ellie helped make this car of the cake.  She got really into it. When the pattern wasn't perfect she wanted to start over.  I convinced her that perfection is not the goal... just a yummy cake for Sammy.
Sam Car.  The older he gets the more I love his name.  I just love him... and I love that his name is Sam.  It suits him so well. 
Meana was happy lassoing balloons for the evening.  Auntie Nats did "two braids" in her hair for the party.   She loves "two braids."
I don't know what to say about this picture... other than the fact that i love it!  The look on his face is awesome. 
Is this coloring over yet?

His little angelic face.  Ellie helped him color.  Of course she did. :-)

Sam decided that his new love is Nats.  He has always had a thing for brunettes, but on his birthday he was all about Nat.  When we got home from his party Sam insisted that Nat sing her songs for ni-night.  It was so adorable because he has never requested anyone besides those who lives in this house.  You better believe we called her to sing to the birthday boy.  She sang him some lullabies over the phone- how sweet is that?  The next morning the first thing out of his mouth was: "augnt (want) Nat"
He kept saying it.  Too bad she was in Vegas. I just might have taken him to see her because I am so fostering this love affair.  I feel like Mia has had dibs on Nats, but Sammers is slowly moving in.  Whatever will she do with two of the most adorable people vying for her attention.  As you can see from the pics... she can handle them both.

To make the party fun, true to Sammies style- we played one for the money.  His favorite game EVER.  We have to put limits on "money" because he will literally insist on playing for hours.

The line for Money could not be cuter.  Once we said "three to let go" all of these girlies would jump up and say, "my turn." 

So many customers that we had to get two "money" stations going.  Sammers was in Heaven.

I posted this picture already, but look how sweet he is?  He is so happy that it is  his big chance.  

He blew out his candles after a few tries.  Way to Go Sammers!

Obligatory family pic. I have tried to get family pics at all birthdays.  I think I have them all... except for their actual births of course.  Ahem!

First thing off of the cake was the sucker.  Sam did not waste any time.  

So happy to be living near my mom and sisters.  One sis (Suz) is pregnant- major bonus for me too.  Suz, are you having twins?  ;-) I really need some newborn snuggle time in my life.  Mia wanted to be in the picture.  The other day she asked me to take a picture of her.  I enthusiastically accepted the challenge.  I usually have the camera in her face so much that she need not request.

My little train conductor.  Thanks Papa for the hat and mini bandanna. 

I see these photo in a photo pics everywhere. I've never take one... because I don't have a fancy phone.  Mia sure is a smiler.  

Sam loved all of his gifts!  The funny thing is... I don't think he has ever watched an episode of Thomas the train in his life.  It is my least favorite cartoon (they are so grouchy and complain non stop) that I nixed it when Jense was a toddler.  He does love chuggington- and of course toy trains. He loves his new train toys, cute clothes, bubble maker, and band aids.

He also got a ride on train.

He loves this thing.  I knew he would... it is a train first of all, it has buttons, it makes music, it has a cargo hold, and you ride it.  What more could a two year old ask for?

When we got home from the party he wanted to re-enact his big moment.  He kept singing and blowing towards the cake.  I should have lit some more candles for my sweet boy, but didn't know where I'd placed them.  He seemed content to pretend... so I let him.  I love how his blowing is really just him making the "F' sound.

Nana quilted this super cute wall hanging for us.  The middle square is interchangeable so whomever is having a  birthday gets the personalized square in the middle.  Sammy loves it.  My mom is so crafty.  I never would have thought of something so clever.  You can't see the detail very well in this picture, but the quilting is fancy.  I think it's time to take some classes from Nana!