May 29, 2012

Woopsies Photo shoot

My sis is having a baby

I can't wait

We were supposed to have an awesome photo shoot, but I left my camera in the drive way.  
Worst day ever!
I ended up using my brother-in-laws camera.  
These are a few of my favs.  
Her belly is the best!  right!?!

May 28, 2012

Suzie's Blessing Way

All Blessingways include a few key items.  Item #1... delicious food!
This dish wasn't finished, but you get the idea. Thanks boo for introducing me to this deliciousness.

My sis is having a baby... she refuses to find out what she's having. Yes, one of those people.
I would do it if I could.....nope, I've got nothin.  I am all about finding out- all the time. 
We tried a few tricks to predict the baby's gender.  This was the classic ring floating over the belly trick.  There were mixed results on this one.

This online Q&A about her pregnancy was no help either.  
Looks like we are just going to have to wait!  

We etched some glass with what we are going to pray for when she is in labor. This is kind of a sweet idea.  We will light the candle when she is in labor and think about what our candle says hoping it for the baby/suz.  Of course I chose health.

We massaged her feet.  Pampering is up there on the blessingway "to do" list.  Okay, my sister has a lucky toe.  Can you tell which one it is?  If forget what my other sisters called that toe, but I call it the lucky toe.  It's a genetic thing.  

I love my sisters.  Rae is taking the pic and it is mostly of our heads... but this room full of women are THE BEST!

Wishes for the baby.  The baby was active and we all got a piece of that pie!  
I'm loving my 2 week old polish not fully removed-  
Ellie is in a fingernail painting stage- blue is totally in

The burning of the fears- 

Burn fears burn!!

After boo and I spent a while smoking the fears, she went and got an accelerator.  
Girls can play with fire too.

Sydney wanted to join the girl fun. So she wrapped her wrist up too.  This was the spinning of the motherhood web.  We did this at Boo's blessingway too.  I am just waiting for the day when we are all tangled up and someone needs to go to the bathroom. 

All the girls.  I am so happy that Jess and Boo flew in. It was so great to see them!    Boonie did a great job planning the blessingway, and I hope there are at least a few more of these to come!  Boo also brought Ava and Carl, and I got to see Ava walk!  
Pics to come from my birthday party that was later that evening.  
I'm sooo old.  sniff sniff

May 23, 2012

Monster Trucks!

Good ol' Monster Truck Rally! 
John Boy and Ken (bro-in-law) took the kids to see the Monster Trucks. 
My kids have always enjoyed watching videos online of monster trucks... mostly because their dad wants them to see all the cool stuff they do.  

The kids enjoyed it so much better when they had ear protection-  
the last monster truck show ended in tears.  

I think my favorite thing about the monster trucks is how my kids use the truck names as pet names for each other for the months following the show. 

"Good night Grave Digger!"
"yeah yeah... Bone Crusher!"

May 22, 2012

Budding Photographer

Jense is my photographer boy.  I can't tell you how many picture I have from him going around the house taking pictures of everything random.  He loves extreme close-ups of peoples faces, his feet, and his toys.  Here is a shot of the chandelier.  

He is also quite into the bathroom self portrait.

This picture times 25 other equally goofy faces.  

The TV is another favorite of his... hello there Ryan!  I didn't watch American Idol this year- no idea how he got this picture, but it must have been on at some point.  Sometimes I don't even  know he has taken pictures until I download a batch and look through them.  He isn't supposed to use the camera without asking, but I don't really get on his case because he is careful. 

Although many of the pictures he takes go straight into the trash can, I do keep some of them around.  You never know when you are going to need a picture of a chandelier... or Ryan Seacrest.

May 17, 2012

School Program

Cowgirl Ellie takes the stage!

Mia gave her some performance flowers.  Curse the performance flowers!  In WA after every dance recital Ellie was given flowers.  Now she is hooked and thinks it is all part of the package.  It is not a huge deal... just a trip to the store.  Luckily Nats was coming up and picked some up for Ellie.

Sister love

Mia is starting to rebel with all of the picture taking.  
This is her super cheese.  
It is still cute!

Ells and her cute friend.  

Aunt Nats and the kids.  She held them both during the show... because they both wanted her. 
This is how it goes when she's around. 

When we got home the love affair continued.  Both kids wanted to "nuggle" Nats.  Looks like Mia won this round Sammers.  He is so sweet trying to be next to her.  Nuggles like this are the best part of my day.  I have mastered the "two babies nuggle" on the baby in each arm. Sometimes we go through a few different cartoons because the kids are willing to stay put.  I love these three people!

Mommy Mia

Mia loves her "dollies"  
I hope she wants to play dollies for a long long time. 
The mothering instinct is adorable and so fun to listen to.
Mia likes to tell her dollies, "No cry...issssss okay." 
She also carries them around completely swaddled in a little blanket
At our house when you get wrapped up in a blanket/towel and carried around it is called, 
"like a baby."  
This occurs after each tub, before bed, and often during snuggles.  My kids loooove "like a baby."

Late night Zoeing

My mom is a sewing machine!  he he.  Seriously though... the lady can sew.  She is currently sewing three equally adorable quilts.  She told Ellie that if she succeeded at making her bed in the morning (5 days in a row) she would help her make something.  Ellie has been really interested in sewing  forever and since I sew like a mad woman as well, she has had ample opportunities :-)  

She made a cute spider webbed Halloween pot holder for her grandma.

JB actually sews more than me... it's cool.  All of the fabric purchasing, cutting, pinning, storing, it's just not feasible for ME and the littles.  If I can't close to door behind it, I worry about my little busy bodies.  I actually really appreciate sewing a lot, and hope to be an accomplished seamstress someday... but can't wrap my brain around it spatially.  I would need like a warehouse with lots of space to lay everything out and not have kids stepping on pins.

Ellie finally made her goal... with a scosh of leeway.  She has improved.. a lot... maybe not six days in a row a lot, but Nana decided it was good enough. 

My mom has an embroidering machine.  Now that thing I could wrap my brain around.  Does that count as sewing?  It does? Sweet!

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Jessica!

Today we want to honor the brave and wonderful mother of Jacob, Mia's donor.

Happy Mother's Day to the mother who...

gave Mia her life.

It is the greatest gift we will ever know.

We want you to know on this mother's day...

we love you, and know how much you miss Jacob. 
We wish we could reach the computer and give you a Mother's Day hug.

Happy Mother's Day from your heart daughter.
You will always be a Mother.

May 10, 2012

Curlformers- yes... a product blog

I do not usually blog about products very often, BUT... these I must. My sis gave us bag full of these babies, and I looove them! My girls love curls in their hair and I am amazed and how quick and easy they are to put in and take out.  Here is a little tutorial for you.  It's simple. 

The curlers include a want that you thread through the curler-

take a sectioned piece of hair and use the end of the wand to hook the section of hair and pull it through the center of the curler.  The curlers are a meshy material that springs right back into a curl. 

I can do all of Ellie's hair in less than 5 minutes.  She sleeps on them with no problem.  They are a squishy material so they are not as uncomfortable as they look. In the morning you squeeze the top part of the curler closest to the scalp releasing the hair.  Just pull the curler out and voila!  I have to reform the curl with my finger if it springs the way I don't want it to.

Mia and Nana all ready for bed with curlformers.  They come in all sizes so short hair works great too.  They have larger curlers (yellow/green) if you don't want a tight curl.  You can also vary the amount of hair you put in each curler for different results. 

Apparently I am not good at taking after pictures, but here is one of Ellie at her school program.  
Mia's biopsy day is also an example of how the curlers curl. 

I think every mom of girls needs these. 
They save so much time and potential burns.  I love them. Thanks Nats!!
There are a few places to buy them, (they are a little spendy) but here is the link to amazon. CURLFORMERS
If you didn't like my tutorial you can watch a how to video on their website.