Jun 21, 2012

Washington Visitors

"The cousins" came into town.  It is always so fun when we have out of town cousins to play with.

We went to the Homestead.  Sammers and daddy tried to take on Dillon for a game of ping pong.  

Mia and Evie Stevie- BFF's for life.  

The kids had fun at a jumpy house place.  Kangaroo something or other.  
Ellie helped Mia and Eve get up every single ladder- and then she went down with the slides with them.  It comes in so handy sometimes that she is such a mommy at heart. 

Cute Cute not so baby anymore, Luke

Uncle Dillon took all of the kids on this ride at Trafalga. 

I think that this is very similar to the vessel that Kal-EL traveled in from the planet Krypton, arriving in, as we all know, Smallville. 

Uncle Dillon is the greatest.  He took the kids out in the go-carts and all had a blast. 

Strap it on.
Wave to the fans!
ON BELAY!  BELAY ON!  This kids were amazing.  I never could have made it that high so young.  It is fun to see the kids challenge themselves, and often they push themselves further just seeing their peers doing something.  Big E climbed right to the top even though the last couple hand grips were missing.  Amazing.
You there!  Fetch me a drink!  Bring a large fan made from an enormous leaf, and feed me grapes from the fine.   
Don't hold back grandma!  Let him have it!  Grandma and grandpa Conway came into town at the same time as the Eugenio's.  The big event was Dillon "walking," as he recently finished jumping through the last hoop to officially get his degree from the BYU. 
Right here our group is flying at 20,000 feet elevation standing on the open ramp of an Army C130 Cargo Jet.  You can see the night air behind them and some city lights far below.  Kidding.  They are really inside "the crater" in Midway.  You can see a scuba diver off to the right. 

Thirsty Boy!
These kids never tire of a good roughhousing.  Aunt beebs can toss 'em around like no other.  And, there wasn't even any blood spilled that day.  We sure love our Washington family!  The kids still talk and dream about when the next visit will be.  The last night was actually one of the best.  We all (us and Conways) slept in a nice resort hotel in Midway.  The pool was amazing and it was fun to have us all crammed into the same room.  It was going to be just me and the two oldest with grandma and grandpa, but Mia wasn't about to be left behind!  She has made it quite clear that she is part of the crew and is here to stay. 

Jun 20, 2012


I snapped these pictures a long time ago.  She wanted pictures of her head band that she got for her birthday.  This is Ellie back in February.  Now her hair is blue... just kidding. 

Despite keeping me on my toes every hour of every day, Ellie is a real sweet heart. 
She loves her babies and will give anything to everyone.
She gives gives gives, then gives some more.  
I will always love this about her-
I just won't buy her anything nice ;-)

I love you Ells Bells!


We went on a hike for FHE a few weeks ago.
John boy is planning on climbing Mr. Rainier in a few months
He needs some practice. 
This hike is about a ten minute hike to a waterfall in Provo Canyon...
Baby steps people... baby steps

Jense and JB made a fire pit.  Sammy was uncertain about the incline so he stayed pretty close to me. We roasted "dog dogs" and made smores. 

Yay for the beginning of Summer. 
- I realize we are well into summer... I just start blogs and never finish them. Like pretty much everything in my life.  

Jun 8, 2012

Hand Foot and What!?!

It was inevitable that Mia would eventually come down with the same virus that Sammers had.  This virus is everywhere lately! I just hoped that because she had been previous infected that it wouldn't be that bad. 

Nope! No such luck. This time it is WORSE. She looks awful!!!
Sam never looked like this... he had some red spots, but nothing like our immuno-supressed senorita.

It is not just on her sweet little mouth and hands but covers her feet... legs... and basically everywhere except for her cute little arms. The first night with the illness was straight out of the twilight zone. I was so exhausted, but neither of us slept a wink.  She was so itchy and I had to scratch her feet continually or she would scream.  It was awful.  I was too delirious to think to give her benedryl.  The following night benedryl was a life saver. 

Ellie has been a great sister to Mia while she is sick.
My little beauties

Ells wanted a picture of her getting some love from her little sis. 

I'm hoping Mia gets better soon-
Her little face and hands just look terrible.

Ambulance Ride for Sammers

Last Friday I decided to take the kids to the Hogle Zoo while mommy was helping raise money at an auction for a local friend who is fighting a brain tumor.  We had only been there for an hour or so when we stumbled upon the bird show.  I can honestly say that I was absolutely blown away.  These birds were diving from high above, swooping overhead and were really amazing.  Well, during the show, Sammy was really snuggley and I noticed that he felt really warm.  The show ended and I was giving Sammy a drink and he just collapsed into my lap.  I scooped him up and stood, looking down just as he began to have a seizure.  I have never had time slow to a stop like it did then.  I have never been so panicked and scared.  His little face was contorting in the strangest ways and it was so alarming.  I noticed that he wasn't breathing.  When I got my wits I yelled to Jensen, "Watch Mia and stay right here!"  I knew Ellie was down trying to get a picture with the bald eagle.  I turned and ran up the stairs.   I probably ran 30 feet when I came across the first zoo employee.  I asked for medical help immediately and was impressed when I was surrounded by 4 zoo staff members before I even got the sentence out.  They must have heard my shouting from below.  There was an oxygen mask on his little face within 30 seconds of his seizure.  I remember because he still hadn't started breathing, and I was about to start CPR.  I held off, as my wits returned even more, knowing that a seizure will run its course, and it is best to just protect a person from self harm.  He finally started to take short, choppy little breaths at random and I felt like I too could breath again.  I stripped his clothes off and we tried to cool him with some ice.  He started to gain consciousness about 10 minutes later, and we had to keep waking him and talking to him to keep him alert.  He finally cried at 20 minutes, and the ambulance was there soon after to take us to the hospital.  One thing I am really grateful for is the Zoo staff.  They gathered my other 3 children (Ellie was a bit more difficult to locate) and took them around the corner and got them ice cream and cotton candy.  It was such a relief to have them taken care of since I was entirely focused on my little guy.  I just remember a guy (staff) telling me he was gathering my kids.  A few minutes later he discretely let me know that the kids were fine, they were right around the corner and that they were going to get them ice cream.  By the time the ambulance was out of the zoo and in the parking lot, Mimi had arrived, and just in time to ride with Sam to Primary Children's Hospital.  The physicians determined that he'd had a febrile seizure and was ok to go home that night.  The next day, the local doctor diagnosed him with hand foot and mouth disease, which Mia picked up soon thereafter, and a nasty little virus at that.  I was really proud of Jensen for taking charge so well and remaining calm.  He was really sweet and notably strong in a crisis.  He did cry a little at one point, and later told me "Dad, I was ok until I saw the look on your face," which actually brought me to tears again.  In the moment, when I saw him cry, I told him he had to take care of his sisters, and I could see him regain his resolve and quickly pull it together.  They were all so cute and worried. 

The kids insisted on saying goodbye to Sam Sam.  
They each climbed in to give him a kiss and a few words of encouragement.

  At some point the BYU cougar mascot "Cosmo" was out there horsing around entertaining the kids.

The older 3 got to ride in a cool 4 wheeled machine out to the parking lot to meet mom, nana and papa who had arrived by that point.

There is nothing better than mommy's embrace to make everything right again.  

You gotta love the remnants of that week old Thomas the tank engine tatoo on his cheek.

Here are some body parts.  Not sure why this pic made the cut....

My sweet boy.

After reading this Mimi informed me that the body part picture was because Sam's toes were painted blue.  He has two older sisters and a desire to be included. 

Jun 7, 2012

Mia's Graduation

Miss Mia wrapped up her first year in preschool.  
She was an excellent student, or so they tell me.
Mia loves her teachers and her classmates.
She practiced writing her name every day
did you know-M I A spells Mia?
Goodbye preschool
until next year-

Jun 6, 2012

Skate park Kids

Jensen's new obsession... the skate park!

Ells doesn't mind the skate park too.  Although she likes to inform me about all of the boys that sometimes go there that do not have their shirts on.  "Oh mom, gross!"

"Mom, take a picture of my skills."

"I'm going to practice my hung-foo moves on you Sammers... hold still!"


Ells loves to zip around.  She is usually wearing a helmet, but forgot it this time.  

Jense is working on getting up to the edge... he is so daring these days.  It makes me happy... and a little nervous at the same time, but mostly happy. 

He has taken a few spills.  He always asks me if I saw his, "wipe out." 
His wipe outs aren't that serious... but he views them as pretty  extreme. 
One of these days he is going to give his skateboard a try.  I love watching his face light up on his scooter... so the scooter stays for now.

Fancy Nancy

One mommy regret of mine... not unpacking the dress up clothes.  Mia has been robbed of all things dress up.  I made the trek down to my sisters house to get the embarrassingly large box of dress up clothes.

We needed the dress up clothes for a Fancy Nancy Soiree that I signed the girls up for-

It was the most adorable thing... ever.  Ells didn't want to go for a typical Fancy Nancy look- she was all about her party in the USA costume.

Part of the event was a little parade- Mia was LOVING it!

Ellie wanted to max out Mia's experience- of course.  Wave Mia!

Each little girl got to go do a twirl on the stage with Fancy Nancy- When Mia got to the stage sans her big sister... she got a little too nervous.  I had to go retrieve my little girlie.  The tears stopped quickly, but it was a little too much for miss Mees. 

Decorating cookies make everything better!

Fancy Nancy with my little fancy girlies. 

Just in case you haven't seen enough of this face lately-

Here are a few more shots of the princess herself. 

 My little girly is sick right now... so these pics of a happy/healthier time are good for this mommy heart.  I will update on Mia soon.