Jul 31, 2012

Matthew Needs a Heart

These past few months I have been dabbling in taking videos instead of pictures with my camera.  I have fallen in love with all things video.  This footage was actually taken a few months back and once I saw it I knew I had to make something for my dear friend Chrissy.  I have an affinity for heart moms and their sweet heart kiddos.  Hospital life is extremely difficult, but here is a glimpse into one of the "good days." After you watch you will want to reach through the screen and give him a big squeeze!  I am always on a personal crusade to promote organ donation awareness.  Hopefully his little face will help paint a picture of why organ donation is such a wonderful thing.

Matthew needs a Heart from Mimi on Vimeo.

Jul 26, 2012

Manti Pageant in theory

We took a trip to Manti to go see the Manti Pageant- We didn't make it to the actual pageant... woopsie. 

The kids were entirely too entertained by the air mattress with a hole in it.  
Who can walk away from that!?

We met Rebecca and her kiddos down there along with Lyndsey and her two cute kids.  This was my first time meeting Lyndsey although I feel like I know her... that is the beauty that is one Rebecca Hamm Pierce.  It was great to finally put a face with a name!

This is Lyndsey- 
you will find no pictures of Rebecca on this campout- she makes pictures of herself magically disappear.  :-)

Jense and Sammers Chillin' on the mattress o fun.

When we arrived at what must have been the only campground in Manti we quickly learned that we were not alone.  We had a 10 by 10 section of grass that was surrounded by a hundred other 10 by 10 campers.  It was quite comical to see all the tents cozied up together.. perfect strangers sleeping within arms reach.  Awesome!  I felt like we needed a cause... a reason we had formed tent city.  A few tents over was a large youth group most likely having their annual youth conference.  They had a dance party in a clearing of grass.  You better believe our kids took full advantage of the loud music.  I love this pic of Ruby- she is dancing and lip-syncing!  Although they brought the kids ice cream-  small children and youth conference do not mix.  When it was time for the littles to sleep the teenagers were just getting started.  I had some major flashbacks to my youth.  All the girls standing together... glow sticks... they even played a song that was played at a majority of my youth dances.  We had half a heart to show them how to "Hammer time" but in the end we stuck to our side of tent city. 

My kids are no strangers to dancing... especially Sammers.  There is just something in his blood

More air mattress wrestling

Sam was a big fan of the tent.  I don't think he has been in a tent that he can remember.
It was a fun novelty, but he was a monster in the night.  

Ruby doobes and Bets enjoying the water.  
Manti might be small, but they have an awesome water park. 

Can you tell which mama and kids lived in Arizona?  

Blue Slushie time.  I love shaved ice!
I don't even need the flavoring... I just love eating snow like ice.  
A good quality shaved ice machine is second on the list to the industrial cotton candy machine!

Ells is such a confident little swimmer. She swims under water for a long time, then pops up to breathe and heads right back under.  

After the water park I had everything working against me and decided to cut our trip short.  I realize now that I had no business camping with four kids without JB.  It sounded easy at first but after all the potty trips, the INSANE heat with zero shade, super cranky kids, 1 solid hour of sleep, allergies, and Jensen getting the sunburn of a life time, I cut my losses and headed back home.  I lathered the kid in sunscreen but I think it attracted the sun instead of repelling it.  There was no refuge from the heat and  I knew he would be so miserable.  Oh and this was during the weekend we were supposed to move.  I really wanted to stay because I missed out on girl time, but I am just going to have to plan a girls only campout.  The day and night and day we did spend was pretty fun though.  Next time I go, I will have to make sure my kids see the pageant.   

To top everything off I also got a speeding ticket.  The ironic thing is that I passed two police officers two minutes before I got the ticket.  The police were everywhere and somehow I missed the sign that said now you must go 2 miles an hour instead of 5.... sheesh.  not really, but it was crazy slow.  The officer informed me that because of the Manti pagenat they had to issue a ticket... 
so Manti pageant goers beware.  :-)

Jul 23, 2012

Skate Park

First off, you really can't compete with the beauty of this valley.  Every direction you look is lovely. 

Back when Mia and Sam were sick we needed somewhere to get them out of the house, but a place where they wouldn't come in contact with anything.  The skate park was perfect!

From the look on Mia's face you can tell riding in the bike trailer at the skate park was the perfect medicine. They squealed with joy on every ramp.  It was fun to watch. 

Ells scooted around and had a few "watch me mom" tricks up her sleeve.  She tries to stay right on Jensen's heels with any stunt he does.  She is one tough little girl and does a great job of keeping up. 

Jense is working on his Tony Hawk moves- I think Jense would go to the skate park everyday if he could.  He loves to show off his skills at the skate park.  I love watching him!

Nats Nats and more Nats

Sammy heard that Aunt Nats is all the rage around here.  Now he completely on board with all things aunt Nats.  He wants his fair share of aunt Nats time!  Nats with her two biggest fans took a minute to chill on the porch.  

The requests for aunt Nats start early in the day.  Once Mia is dressed and ready she often asks where her Nats is.  I think she assumes that Nat will be by to pick her up pretty much every morning- poor kid. We call her often, and to avoided Nat's getting sick of us, sometimes I just pop open the computer and show them pictures of her.  

I am glad that my kids are in love with their aunt Nats.  I need to take a few hundred more pictures so my kids have something to tie them over when Nat has to do normal life stuff and not spend time with her two biggest fans.  She is the celebrity around these parts and she deserves it.  
We love you Nats!  
My kids are going through withdrawal- can you swing on up the canyon by chance? 
Or at least send some video messages?
Ya know, with your snob phone?  :-)

Jul 19, 2012

Taking to the Stage

Mia and Sammers came with me to Drill Team camp.  When the girls were not using the stage, Mia and Sam ran up there to do their own dancing. 

One of Mia's BEST dance moves is demonstrated here.  She will hold her arms out then quickly do a step together step to the side.  It is called a lindy if you are familiar with dance terms.  It is hilarious because she just does one big distinct lindy and is done.  She also has an awesome booty shake that we request often.  She is one proud booty shaker!

Sam definitely got the dancing gene.  Any time he hears any music he turns into out little dance machine. I could watch him dance for hours.  Sometimes he just gets int the zone.  The above dance consists of him just walking around and shrugging his shoulders over and over.  LOVE IT!
I can't wait for this kid to wake up in the morning.  I have a rush joy when I get him out of his cribby. He is just so much fun and does/says the most entertaining things. 

We are one big dancing family- sometimes there are injuries, and sometimes we neglect doing the dishes, but we sure love our after dinner dance party! 

Scout Camp

I went with Jense to his scout camp this year.  

If it were up to him scout camp would be every single week. 

He calls this shooting a "bowen arrow"  When he talks about how he can't find his bowen, I don't correct him.  I'm mean like that.  I just think it is too cute!  One of these days I'll tell him it is just a bow.  But, not today.

I forgot to take a picture of his finished bird house, but Jensen is my artsy boy... he does every little project with his whole heart and does a good job.  

One of his favorite things about camp was buying things in at the trading post- which was in a tee pee.  He earned a few dollars doing "money jobs" and came home with some feathers and another pocket knife. 

Jense is all but finished with his wolf.  He just needs to finnish a few things.  I can't believe it.  My boy is so old.  The scouting dances/ cheers / chants crack me up!  I should have got it on film, but forgot.  This particular one he really got into- it is called smashed banana or something like that.  

I love scouting and love what it does for Jense- He loves it, and he has great leaders!  
Now, if I could find a girl scout group for Ells we would be set. 

The Fishing Continues

Last summers blog had  major theme... fishing! 
I'll try to cut back this summer.

This particular fishing experience was complete with tv crew interviews.  My little nephew Kai caught his first fish and proudly told the camera guy. 

Jense caught a bunch of fish thanks to Papa's special bait- and some mad skills! :-)

Stringing up the fish

We ate like royalty last year.  It may not sound that appetizing to you, but if you season it right the fish is so delicious!! I think at one point last summer it was my lunch for a solid week.  Yikes. 

Jul 17, 2012

The best kind of visitors

The kovacs clan make a quick trip up to visit on their way home from a family reunion. 
 We were so happy to see them!

When we moved into this house we wanted a couch that would recline the entire width of the couch... not just on the sides.  The idea was to be able to sit as family all comfy cosy.  This was one of the first couches we found... it is the perfect width for us to all sit together.  It is so comfortable that it is easy to get trapped just sitting there.  It is so comfortable wind up watching a few episodes of "bo on the go" that I didn't have time for.  It is entertaining to see the kids move and dance when they watch that show. 

Cousins... sorry Spence. Looks like we need one more kiddo and one more chair for a good match-up. Mia is really concentrating on something in her hand. 

Jensen will handle that!

Sammers and Rache- Sam was sleeping or needed to sleep... I can't remember which, but my usual smiles at everything/body boy just wouldn't smile.  

I love this picture of the kids and John's oldest sister Heather.  

Sam wanted nothing to do with it. 

He just wanted to sit it "orange one." 

Thanks so so much for stopping by Kovacs family- 
We were all so happy to have you here, even if it was for a short visit. 

Well, most of us were happy... one of us was just plain grouchy!

You don't have to agree with me but...


I totally think my husband (my ten years ago husband mind you) looks like Jef Holm... the guy hoping to win Emily's heart on the Bachelorette.  Go ahead and roll your eyes at me for watching the show... did you roll them?  One thing you must know about me, (Mimi 101) is that although I am not an avid reality TV watcher, if I catch wind that someone from Utah will be on the show I have to tune in. Maybe I feel compelled to root for the home turf contestant.  I don't know.. It all started with So You Think You Can Dance.  I didn't care if they were ghastly, I still wanted them to win.  I have recognized the errors of my ways and now I just have to watch, but have come to grips with the best dancer/singer/ what have you winning in the end.

Ok, so here the scoop.  When I first saw him (Jef Holm) on the show I thought to myself, "Hey! He looks like JB!"  I tried to throw that out there to a few others who shot me down.  I think they have some definite similarities.  The hair for sure... but something in the face too...

I really do hope she picks him and NOT just because he is from Utah.  Ok, maybe I still have a problem ;-)

He is cute and natchrally (yes, pronounce it like I typed it) I would want her to pick him because he reminds me of JB.  Anyway.  Not sure who she will pick but I do know that if she doesn't pick him I will swear off watching the show forever... not really.  I started watching the Bachelor back in WA with my home girls. I sure miss them.  Those were some fun times- now I watch it SOLO... via abc.com  boo- It's not the same!

Anyone with me?  Do they look alike?  It's ok if you don't think so- I haven't had anyone agree with me yet.  Oh, and p.s. this is a picture of John when he was like 10.  Not really, but he is much younger and there are better examples, but this is the first one I could find in the Bomb of storage boxes that went off in the garage. I think this would be more convincing with a picture he was smiling in.

Did I mention that we moved?  We did.  If no one agrees I will be forced to ransack the garage to find a better picture... so someone agree with me and save me from the insanity!

Jul 12, 2012

Minnie Mouse is in Da House!

I feel like a Minnie Mouse bomb went off in our house this past week.  If you're going to commit to the entire post... you better grab a snack... or get cozy.  Or, you could always just scroll through the pictures and call it a day.  Mia's big "Four in July" birthday party!!

Mia's party was nothing short of adorable!  She had a Minnie party and loved every minute... until the end when she was exhausted from all of the fun.  

We ate some "hot diggity dogs" and a bunch of other yummy party food. 

We busted out Sammy's "bubble sheen" for Meana's party.  Kids and bubbles... you can't go wrong.

Nana has been busy at her sewing machine making this darling little minnie dress for Mia.  
It is so cute... and she just loved it!  Thanks so much Nana!  

I decided to splurge at get a bounce house for the party. It was actually a good deal as far as bounce houses go, and I knew she would love it.  She did.

She loved it so much that she got pink cheeked and exhausted from all the jumping.  

Jense was a big fan of the bounce house at well.

Daddy and Sammers enjoyed some lunch.

Despite not being much of an eater Mia loaded up on her birthday.  She is barely tipping the scales at 31lbs.  I think Sammy has passed her up... but she seems to get what she needs.

We searched the house for the Minnie Mouse cake topper, but is was no where to be found so Mickey won out.  I guess someone found another Mickey Mouse and had the two dance on the pedestal.  Jokesters.

My cutest cousin Keith showed up to Mia's party with some gifts.

He is such a great guy!  He lives in China, how great is that!?!  I would love to go to China!

Mia jumping and having the time of her life in the bounce house.

Watching her have so much fun on her birthday makes me one happy mama.  I just love that little face, and want her to be happy!

Aunt Nats and my newest little nephew who makes me want to steal him every time I see him.  I love newborns... LOVE THEM!  I think I will always want a newborn baby. If my sisters keep having them, I guess that is the next best thing!

Mia made the rounds to her party guests... offering them water. Not really. We just tried to keep the girl hydrated.  It was CRAZY hot that day.  

Peek a boo!

This picture cracks me up- they all look very serious and mesmerized by the candle. 
Make a wish sweet girl!

A few of my home girls from high school came to celebrate.  It was so fun to see them and catch up.  

Mia loved opening up her gifts from her friends. 

Looks like Abby learned how to wink.  Not an easy feat for a kiddo

Me and Sammer Jams.  We call him Sam Bone, or Sam Boney.  The other day he referred to himself as "Boney."  I laughed and lauged.  The boy keeps me laughing... a lot. 

Nats made this adorable little Minnie Mouse Apron Dress for Mia.  She loved it.  

Sammy loved "going down da hill" Suzie and Syd joined him.

Nana got in some good quality time with her new little grandson. 

My personal favorite part of the party was the cotton candy!  I love cotton candy... it's sooo tasty!  A friend had a cotton candy machine she let me use for the day.  I definitely see a big industrial cotton candy machine in my future.  I remember using Mr. Ward's cotton candy machine in the 7th grade and I think that is when I became hooked to the fluffy deliciousness. 

Not quite sure what was going on, but JB had the camera and was taking pictures of Sammy. I turned around and he looked like he was posing for a picture with his hand behind his head.  Goof ball!

Sammy stayed really busy the entire party.  He was all business playing then eating then playing then eating some more.  I hardly saw him the entire time because he was so self sufficient.  

Mia had fun watching the cotton candy machine.  My friend Mandy took over and handled the cotton candy and all of the impatient kids. :-) Thanks!!

More birthday fun

The prize table. 

Cutest little newborn smile!

"birthday blower" wars

The signature family pic at a birthday party.  All of my kids are looking so old- It's just not right. 

We love this girl.

She loves this girl too. Mia is slightly obsessed with Aunt Nats. She wants to talk to her everyday, and wants her to come pick her up so she can see her puppies.  Mia thinks the puppies belong to her. 

Mia had a lot of help opening her gifts from her older sister.  

Two suprise quests were two of Ellie's favorite girls on the Waspettes.  She seriously talks non stop about them and they are celebrities in our house.  I think they are pretty great myself!

John and I use the term "arm bar" often.  This is what the arm bar looks like.  

More Sammy poses... where does this kid come from? 

Cute Ellie

Papa was messin with Mia... she thought it was pretty funny. 

She eventually gave up some "essimo" kisses to her Papa.  He asks from Eskimo kisses pretty much every time he sees her.  She obliges... and Sam volunteers "essimos"  it's super cute!

When I got home from the party I noticed the cute Birthday Banner my mom had made hanging up on the wall.  She must have hung it up after I left... but Mia's birthday square will be there all week. 

After the party Mia spent a few hours on the couch- she was exhausted.  Anyone want to come like a thief in the night at take away all the "ba doo bobs?"  It has been good for her nutrition, but I think it's time to say sayonara.