Sep 26, 2012

"The PROJECT" 2012

You know when it's late at night and you are just wasting time on pinterest instead of sleeping? Don't lie... it happens to the best of us! Well, THISssss (scroll down) is what happened due to a late night pinterest session. Usually nothing on my boards transpires into anything I actually do, but they are sure fun to look at. When me moved I found this awesome $20 table and chairs. I was kind of shocked to see a solid wood table and six chairs for so cheap, but despite being my least favorite color of furniture, I snatched it up. And by snached it up, I mean sent my man in his truck to pick it up after work one day.  I loved the table, but could have done without the MASSIVE big screen TV circa 1988 that he brought home along with my new table and chairs.  That is the only draw back of buying used things, chances are they are selling something else that your husband can't live without. :-)
They were going to take the TV to DI so in all reality he rescued it ;-)

When it comes to before and after pictures, I usually get a good middle, during, and after, but rarely do I remember to take a before picture.  These are the chairs before minus a hideous white fabric that was dingy and stained.

Le Chair!  Not bad eh?  Just you wait!

My sis is basically the Jack (or shall we say Jackie) of all trades.  She has more tips tricks and abilities in her pinkie finger that most people (ME) have in their brain.  She helped me paint paint and paint some more.  Rae, you are the BEST!  What's our next project? 

Would you look at that!  I did take a picture of the table... This is what it looked like after I removed about five lbs of floor wax from the surface.  Who puts insane amounts of wax on their table?  This is the point of the project that I took the longest.  I thought I could give it a friendly cleaning and light sanding.  NOT THE CASE!  Five hours later I realized it was hopeless.  It was sooo sticky.  I broke down and bought some stripper.  After two coats I was done.  I learn the hard way... often.  

After Swiss Days (post to come) we came home and painted a lot.  I bought five cans of spray paint thinking that would be plenty for this bad boy.  I didn't prime it, so it was not. quite. enough.  Spray painting is fun, it is the reward part of projects, in my opinion.
It feels an awful lot like vandalism, but is the opposite. 

The project soon became a family affair.  My oldest sister Jess helped too.  She came into town to visit and what do I do?  Put a can of spray paint in her hand?! Truth!  Thanks JB for the pics- I love when my husband knows I will need some pictures of something and just takes them.  Oh, and no picture but my mom helped me glaze, and both of my parents helped put on all the cushions.  See, family projecting... it's how we do. 

SEE! SEE! The massive amounts of CRUD that was on this table?  This was the 2nd round of wax removal a la stripper... AFTER the sanding, oven cleaner, more sanding... so gross!  

Spray spray spray spray SPRAY SPRAY!

I could not find the right color of green that I wanted so that one had to be painted on. 
Sammy really really wanted to paint.  We let him do little strokes here and there, but he wanted it... the whole time.   

There were some tears....

Then we gave in!  Sweet little boy... painting chairs.  
Sammy was primarily responsible for the green chair.  

This is the finished colorful table and chair set!  BAM! 

Love the details...

Yummy cushions complete with plastic covering for all of the massive amounts of spilling that happen, NOT just at meal time, but pretty much every hour on the hour. 

The blues turned out so perdy!

The green is my fav!  Maybe because Sammy did it... :-)

All the legs.  Just for fun!

I am done painting for awhile.  Although during this project we also had 3 other paint projects going.  All are finished- Hurrah!  I am just excited to sit at a table and eat instead of on the floor.
Now I just need to get some fun decorations on the wall!!
Family? When are you free? ;-)


Sep 19, 2012

Lifesavers Breakfast

Mia, John, and myself will be at the Lifesavers Breakfast in Novemeber.  We will be telling her story at this event.  All are invited :-)  If you want to come message me and I will let them know to reserve a spot for you.  Mia is working on her part of the speech... it is going to be adorable!!  I feel so privileged to be doing this.  Organ Donation is such a big part of our lives, and I can't wait to explain why.

First Day of School

School has begun.  CHA CHING!  I love when school starts!  I love the new outfits, the new pencil smell, the excitement of making new friends and keeping old ones.  I am a nut for school supplies.  I secretly wish I had my own desk with all my own school supplies that would be left undisturbed. 

 I love the anticipation my kids feel about all things school.  I almost forgot to snap a picture on the first day.  Not the best picture, but it's of the best kids.  One of those kids... we won't name names, but they have a really difficult time getting out of the door in the morning.  We are always rushed so this year we are going to try... really hard... to get to school on time.  How do you embrace the lolly gagger and get them out the door at the same time?  Bizarrely waking up earlier doesn't seem to help.  
Both kids really like their teachers... I think this is going to be a great year!

Mia didn't start until the following week, so we got out the fancy camera and took a better 1st day of school picture. 
She is hilarious!  I have so really excited faces I'll post soon. 
Mia is thrilled to be going back to preschool.  She loves all of her teachers and has learned so much. 
Is it a bad sign that for the first two show and tells she has taken her Minnie Mouse dolls? 

I think this girl is going to be in Heaven when we go to DisneyWorld.  Heaven!
We leave so soon. 
Aaahhh. I have so much to do before we go.  Sadly I have had a long time to prepared. 
Maybe the lolly gagging is genetic! 

Sep 16, 2012

A Decade of Marriage + Quilt + Certificate + funny story

This here was the 10th Anniversary gift I presented to my man JB for our 10 year anniversary gift.  It is the first and LAST t-shirt quilt you will ever see grace this blog.  I have been planning this gift since about february (I'm on top of my game like that) :-)  and rightfully so because t-shirt quilts are like the project you start then you fastforward.... one year later... and it's finally done.  Lucky for me when I realized I bit off more than I could chew my angel mother decided she would bail me out.  Mom, I would never have made it look nearly as fabulous.  She spent a lot of time putting the little pieces of this puzzle quilt together. John LOVES it too!  Before I forget... I must mention the fabulous woman who quited it for me.  Cindy Williams over at Red barn quilts did all of the quilting.  You might be confused now if you are not a quiltee like me ;-)  So We cut out all of the shirts and ironed interfacing on them, then cut them again to be square.  I started "piecing" them together and my mom pretty much took it from there. Piecing is different from quilting.  Just in case you needed that clarified.  It was a group effort and I am so pleased with the end result.  I am happy to have this quilt- I mean happy that JB has it! It will be a fun blanket for our kids to grow up with.

That picture wasn't very in-focus, but fear not... I have close ups!  
Also, just to describe what shirt means what... I will make a list of the significance of each shirt.
Just what you were hoping for right!?!

Ok- I'll start with the top left corner :-)
  • Dance festival- I was in charge of teaching youth of my stake (church term) a few dances that they performed with a bunch of other stakes at the Tacoma Dome.  I never got to see it because it was a few weeks after Mia was born... but I hear it was fantastic!
  • McDonalds Happy Meal- JB bought me this shirt- I have always liked the name McDonald- 
  • BYU- Both JB and I graduated from BYU.  He studied International business, and my degree was in MFHD
  • Wasatch Wasps- that is my H.S. mascott.  Go Wasps!
  • Got Hope?  We love Hope kids.  
  • Family picture.  I wanted a picture of all of us together.  The picture didn't trasfer that well to the fabric, but you get to a point of not caring, and I was beyond that point.  
  • BHS- JB's high school- All John's school shirts were mailed to me by his mama. Thanks so much for sending them!!
  • Keep Calm and Dance like a Waspette- I am the Assistant Advisor for the Waspettes. 
  • Senior Shirt- Another WHS shirt
  • Argentina.  JB served a 2 year LDS mission to Argentina Buenos Aires (south mission)
  • EFY shirt-  I was an EFY counselor in 2001.  It was my favorite summer of my life.  So many fun memories and I truly felt like I was making a difference. 
  • Thank you Jacob Picture.  He is such an important part of our lives.  Thank you Jacob!

Top right corner:

  • Swiss Days- A big part of my childhood.  I Loved and still love Swiss Days.  
  • McDonald Clan- This was a t-shirt from one of the family reunions that JB went to with his family.  It says Families are Forever!  yes, yes they are!
  • My baby Mia has a Heart shirt.  The cutest ever Morgan made this shirt when Mia was in the hospital.  It was very thoughtful and sweet and I wanted it in the quilt.  Thank you Morgan!
  • The number 85- There are 4 of these.  They came from a shirt John bought me when we were dating.  I don't wear it any more, but I did a lot and holds a lot of significance for the two of us. 
  • You are the best thing that's ever been mine shirt.  This has a few meanings... besides being true- JB really is the best thing that has ever been mine, he started listening to Taylor Swift songs before I did. He kept trying to throw it out there all nonchalant... "Hey have you heard this song?" There are a few inside jokes in our marriage based on Taylor Swift so it is fitting- Oh and I saw her in concert.  
  • YMCA- We were big YMCA'ers before we moved to UT.  I wish there was a YMCA here.  I love it. 
  • Ricks College.  Loved Ricks college and I if I could go back in time and revisit my previous life for a specified period of time it would be Ricks College.  I had so much fun there that I think it was more than the law allowed. :-)  Inside joke for my sisters...  John and I met at Ricks College when I was 18! 18 people!  yikes.  We started dating in the winter and the rest is pretty much history... It took me awhile to come around to the whole marriage idea (to the tune of 3 years) but I had to know for SURE that he was the one!  I finally figured it out :-)  
  • Yell Leader-  John was a yell leader.  There I said it.  Actually if you know me it flows from my lips quite freely.  I love that JB was a yell leader.  I usually say cheerleader just for a better reaction, but it is true, John and his best friend from high school "unca will" were yell leaders their senior year.  He told me that he thought it was the best way to hang out with all the "cute girls."  why yes, yes it was hun.  well played. 
  • Seattle shirt.  The significance of Seattle is pretty well understood if you have been reading this blog for awhile.  That is where Mia was born and then where we were living until ultimately her life was saved by our sweet angel Jacob.  Seattle will always be the city of miracles to our family. 
  • Guadalajara Mexica shirt-  When John and I were engaged I went to Mexico with the international volunteer program at BYU.  It was AMAZING!  I loved it!  I spend my days at an orphanage with the sweetest children.  We helped them with school and then played with them a lot!  I also was assigned to a "esquela para ninas ciegas."  A blind school for girls.  This pretty much rocked my world.  I learned how to write in brail to communicate with the girls.  I loved writing something (mind you I was also writing in Spanish) and then seeing the girls faces light up after they read what I had punched through the paper with my brail tools.  I was happy every day in Mexico- everyday!  I was there for these kids and nothing else, well we had Spanish classes too, but the kids gave me so much happiness!  There was one little boy named Cesar that I could have taken home in a heart beat.  He clung to me like glue and when we had to say good bye we both cried and cried.  He is probably 17 or so now, and I can't help but wonder what his life is like.  
  • Just Dance- I taught Dance at the YMCA off and on while I lived in WA.  I loved it.  I miss it!
  • Just a little shirt from where I went to elementary school.  
  • The homemade heart was from our Valentines Olympics.  That was such a hilarious evening. If you need to spice up your Valentines this year... read that post. 
  • University of Utah- the reason we moved back to Utah.  JB just completed his BSN at the U.  He will now have 2 bachelors degrees. 1 from BYU and 1 from the U.  Which side of this rivalry will prevail? 

Middle left-

  • Bethel Jr High- JB's school
  • Heart Dance- Another Dance Shirt
  • Thank you shirt- my girls from one of my EFY sessions made me this shirt. They wrote sweet notes to me on the back. This shirt didn't originally make the cut, but we needed some filler. 
  • BYU- again.  Go Cougars!
  • 85 shirt
  • Nursing- John just finished his Bachelors of Nursing degree.  Love you hun- you did it!
  • IHC- he is working at IHC
  • Cool Rule- from a shirt I got when I didn't the dairy princess pageant... don't ask!!
  • Primary Children's Medical Center- Where Mia is not being treated and where I grew up going and had my surgeries.  John also works there.  It is just a wonderful hospital and a pretty big part of our lives these days. 
  • Adventure for Youth.  I was also a counselor for AFY.  It was more outdoor counseling type stuff. I loved it.  Thought I wanted to be a wilderness counselor after that.  I did want to be a youth counselor for many a year.  
  • Puzzle heart.  This shirt is just random... no real significance other than being cool and being  heart. 
  • YMCA repeat/ filler
  • EFY girls repeat/ filler

    Middle Right-
  • John and I made shirts with pictures of eachother on them.  Mine is an awesome knobby kneed picture from when i was a little one in my tap dancing costume.  The shirt I wore with John on it was my favorite.  He had drawstring high waisted sweat pants with a tucked in maroon shirt.. complete with crisscrossed velcrow strapped shoes.  LOVE IT!
  • do fries come with that shake?  the back to the McDonalds shirt He bought me after we were married. 
  • Bethel Bulldogs- High school shirt.
  • Waspettes shirt. The girls wore those shirts for mini waspettes last year.  
  • Got Milk?  T shirt for the dairy princess pagent-- again don't ask. 
  • Hope Kids- our favorite organization.  We love Hope Kids!
  • Heart Mom. I am very proud to be a heart mom.  Some of the most amazing women I know come from our little close knitt group of heart moms.  This was a shirt from this last year.  I used it in the quilt, but had to buy another one to wear..  e heh heh.
  • 85... good ol' 85.  These came in handy to fill in spots that didn't have anything. 

    Bottom left corner-
  • I heart BHS- another shirt to represent where JB went to HS
  • Teacher Mimi shirt- dance instructor at YMCA
  • Brigham Young/ EFY shirt
  • AFY front of shirt
  • BYU shirt
  • U tie-die shirt
  • Dancing Queen- one of the shirts from the Y
  • McDonalds shirt
  • Another cow pageant shirt
  • Seattle Children's hospital- where all of our hopes and dreams came true.  I miss this hospital and miss all of our friends/doctors that we knew so well.  We love you Seattle Children's!
  • Sundance- where we got engaged... AND spent the evening for this anniversary- (bottom of this post)
  • Hawaii- John and I went to Hawaii shortly after being married, like the next week. :-)  I want to go back so badly.  
  • Mimi 2009- Valentines Day Olympics shirt

Bottom Right Corner-
  • EPSOC- John's school 
  • Puyallup- where we lived previously. sniff sniff  Puyallup was where our family lived the longest so far. 
  • Dancer shirt- another dance shirt... apparantly I have a lot of dane shirts!
  • WHS shirt
  • BYU once again
  • Dance Festival shirt.  
  • IHC shirt... well part of some scrubs.  

All of the filler red fabric was from a pair of pants that he gave me when we were dating.  They were these awesome parachute pants... I'm sure I have a picture somewhere, but he got us both a pair.  It seems like there was a phase where it was in style to match your significant other.  what's that? there wasn't?  It was just us?  Well I loved our matchy parachute pants and now I'll just have to wear his when I miss mine.  They were just too perfect not to use them. 

I forgot to take a picture of the back of the quilt- it is blue paisley material.  Maybe someday it will make it on here. :-)  Today is not that day. 

* Literally 3 weeks after the t shirt quilt was pieced together I acquired 3 family sets of t shirts.  HA! I would love for them to be represented in the quilt but it is too late.  There is no looking back now. 

That took longer than I had anticipated!

So now you are all wondering what he got me right?

Well here it is...

Since you can't read it... here is the text.  When he uses my computer to create his anniversary gifts I take liberties to steal the text and post them on my blog.  This is a good example of the funniness that I am married to.  I love my gift! Love it.  Oh and I also got a tri-pod.  no pic.

Certificate of Excellence
Awarded to Mimi McDonald
In honor of your outstanding performance as wife: Hotty, Macarena dancer, lover, joker, mid-night toker, king of tickle torture, patient, random object finder, need a lot of water at night, rare beauty, computer genius, deal finder extraordinaire, focused, loving, wise, funny, bright, good driver, experienced back seat driver, a great friend, cooking skillz, cheerful, thrifty, brave, compassionate, confident, faithful, honest, caring, understanding, no using of alcohol or drugs in excess, pleasant, respectful, great debater, supportive, no nagging, sexy, strong like bull, takes no prisoners, good snuggler.


For the following amazingness as a mother: Energetic, constantly providing fun activities, puts up with large amounts of whining and boo-whoing, bedroom cleaner, fun, dedicated family blogger, taught Ellie to read...twice, understanding, patient with messes, giving, loving, and all around wonderful.

You are hereby deemed, The Awesome One.

Awarded on the day of our Lord and Savior, the 27th of July, 2012.

Excellence committee founder and foremost member

My favorite part of my "certificate" is strong like bull.  (Must be said with a Russian accent.)  John Boy says the most bizarre and funny things and the most bizarre and funny moments.  That is his charm.  You would think he would be preparing for days for the right situation for the stuff that comes out of his mouth... but he doesn't.  It's just who he is.  He is one funny dude.

JB and I have been married for a whole ten years.  I guess that means I am old, er something.  That's ok.  This year we decided to celebrate at Sundance.  We were engaged at Sundance and wanted to re-live (not really) the romance.  We got to the restaurant and were the only ones there.  It was kind of neat to have the place to ourselves.  We had a good 45 minutes before the next patrons showed up.  The food was delicious.  I need to try to cook dishes that look more fancy.  It is kind of fun to eat something when it looks like a culinary masterpiece.

One of the waitresses was describing one of the aspects of our meal and and carried on about the 3 different flavors that were infused inside these small little round edible pebbles.  She was darling, but was clearly uncomfortable with her description or hadn't clearly planned out how to say it.  She gave this big long eloquent speech about the flavors and how it's prepared and at the end of it she said, "placed on a bed of watermelon, thyme, and citrus  LONG PAUSE  balls."  She looked at the floor barely getting it out.  After she said the final word of her description she looked up at us with a embarrassed half smile on her face and John and I just nodded and said thank you.

This is where our romantic anniversary dinner took a turn into how John and I usually interact.  We could not stop laughing.  John of course had like FIVE follow up jokes and it took everything in me to laugh without trying to move my body too much.  The last thing I wanted was for her to think that we were making fun of her.  John was the instigator of it all, but she definitely got the ball ( he he) rolling.

Later that evening I heard her description again and she used the word "pearl."  I think that was the word she was searching for before, but just defaulted on "balls" when the pause had gone on far too long.   It was definitely an evening to remember.  I wouldn't have had it any other way and will definitely be eating at Sundance again- hopefully sooner than later!

- Maybe that story was a tad inappropriate. I usually try to censor my blog, but this is what happened on our anniversary and hopefully my kids won't be weirded out by their mom talking about well... you know.

When we weren't crying from laughing we managed to sneak in a few serious conversations including
talking about the hi lights of our ten years together.  He of course comes up with ridiculous answers but then came up with a few good hi-lights.  Oh, and part of the parameters was we couldn't include any births of our babies, or any vacations.  It really gets you thinking about specific moments.

In general I think the very best thing about our marriage is how much we laugh together.  There are countless nights that we just laugh until our stomachs hurt.  I couldn't tell you what we laugh about... everything and nothing.  We do a lot of impressions... mostly of our kids, that really gets us going.  Parenthood is funny.  Maybe it's not to everyone, but we sure get a kick out of being parents.

JB- You are my guy and I we have had a triumphant 10 years of marriage.  We have made it through really really hard things and have enjoyed having 4 incredible children.  I know we have so many wonderful years to come.

Lastly in the words of a song I am loving right now...

Well, I don't want the whole world
The sun, the moon, and all their light
I just want to be the only girl
You love all your li-i- i-i -i-ife
You love all your life.

Happy Anniversary Babe!

6th anniversary HERE
7th anniversary HERE
8th anniversary HERE
9th anniversary HERE

Sep 15, 2012

My little Cheerleaders

Ells and Mia participated in a mini-cheerleading clinic.
They were adorable.

Mia didn't move a muscle... much like THIS post
and Ellie was right there at the 50 yard line hamming it up.
Ellie loves to perform!
I really need to get this girl into some classes.
Part of the week long clinic was getting to perform at the football game.

Ells ready to cheer and dance!  She was fabulous. Besides Ellie being super cute I am loving the I-pad video camera.  I didn't even know that I-pads had a video option.
Technology definitely advances faster than I will ever be able to keep up.

Mia was hidden behind some girls, but here is a little shot of her I snagged out from the video I took.  The fact that she was willing to go out there was a miracle.
She really enjoyed the celebrating going on by the little girls in front of her.

Also performing that night were my "other girls" the "Wat spettes."
The routine was awesome, they were awesome, and I can't wait for competitions to begin!

I have not been to a high school football game, well... sine high school.
It was fun to go back.

I was supposed to go last year when Ellie did the little cheer clinic, but I made it to the field right when it was over.  Woopsie.  It is difficult to judge when half time is.
I have those pictures somewhere....

If you are curious about what Sammer Jam did the entire time the band is playing here you go.  The squat dance!  I wish it was a clip of the shoulder dance because that is by far his signature dance.
He is my little crazy man!

Sep 14, 2012

F.H.E ala Daddy

 A few weeks back I had to be in SLC on a monday night.  
Daddy carried on with FHE without me.  They went to the fire pits really close to the house.
They roasted hot dogs and some "mallows."
One of Sammers sweetest request of all time is:
"wanna wost mewows ah fiya?"

I have trained my husband well.  
He takes pictures with his phone of the kids when I'm not around.
So happy about this.  He also buys my chairs. Name that movie!

He actually texted this one to me... awe fur sweet! 
Love my esposo. 
I have a super cheesy lovey dovey 10 year anniversary post ready to post... soon. 

Sammers and Mees with their BFF- the BOTTLE.  
I am almost sorta trying to gear up for a bottle detox.  
We went to the dentist and Mia needs a cap on a tooth- Sayonara Bottle!
We just have to wait until post oral surgery on monday.
Once she is all better... they bottle fairy will make a visit. 

Looks like everyone wanted their name written with the black soot. 
I love these little feet... please stop growing- no really.
 I feel like I buy shoes more than I buy toilette paper.

Thanks for doing fun things with the kids JB- I makes my heart so happy!

Sep 9, 2012

"Mom! It's the temple"

A few mondays back we decided to go to SLC for family night.  We met at the temple and walked around for awhile, then went across the street to City Creek.  The kids loved going to the Temple.  One of the fabulous things about Utah is the kids get to scream... "It's the temple mom!" every so often from the freeway.  There are 13 temples in Utah, I think.  The best temple is the one that is on the penny, no wait the nickel.  My kids think that the lincoln memorial and the Monticello are temples.  Iiiiit's just as well.  Sometimes they ask me if they can have a money with the temple on it.  

Some stranger offered to take a picture.  I wish I had brought my nice camera... this blog is turning into the blog of cell phone pictures.  Oh well.  It's nice to have a pic of my people at the temple.  John and I were wed in that very temple.  I love the SLC temple!

We walked around the grounds for awhile.  Elvis wanted some pictures by these flowers.  The flowers at temple square are incredible.  I wonder if I could be a gardener for a day there.  I just want to plant a million plants and have them look so beautiful.

Me and my littles.

The kids wanted to replicate the statues.  Well... by kids I mean Ellie.  Sammers and Mia loved it, and Jense was  a good sport, but might be getting a little too cool for stuff like this! :-)

They kept spinning once they reached the platform. It would be interesting to know how many people have stood on that very platform.  It is a lot I'm sure! Sammy loved to jump off, get back on... then spin some more.  JB and I just got to watch our children play and enjoy such a lovely afternoon.
Definitely one to remember!

I got them to stop for a minute to take a picture.  
I am so glad we took the time to drive up.  
We need to come to the temple grounds more often.  
The kids love it, I love it, and it is the perfect activity for F.H.E

We ventured over to the Disney store. The kids roamed around and looked at all the neat things that Disney has to offer.  I cannot wait to take these little crazies to Disney world.  
The count down is on and I just know it is going to be the trip of a lifetime!!!

Not sure if you are supposed to climb on this structure, but the kids went ahead and climbed on up.  Looks like Jense is sitting directly on an eagles head.  Don't mind me. 

Making wishes at the fountain-
Sammy kept asking for the "muuuunies" to throw.  
He cleaned me out of pennies.  
Little Sammy is such a sweet little man. 

Daddy and Sammers took a walk around to look at the wadeee. 

Mia ran around like crazy at the water fountains- she kept asking and asking if she could get wet.  I kept on saying NO!  I don't know where that water has been... and I didn't have anything dry for them to wear.  This picture was one of the times she bolted back to where I was sitting to ask me. 

Mia's sweet little requests were quickly granted.  She did A LOT of happy screaming while waiting for the water to shoot out and into her face. 

I think this is the most fun the kids have had in a long time.  The anticipation was entertaining, and once they water hit them in the face they could not have been happier.    

The water fountain was definitely designed for kids.  
We need one of these in our backyard!

It was a beautiful family night- and the best part of it was the call I got while driving home that our sweet little friend Kaidence had gotten the call that she was getting a new heart!

She is now HOME with her sweet angel heart.  
Way to go Kaidence- we are so happy for you!

We are still waiting for 3 hearts for our heart friends.  All of the kiddos are roughly Mia's age and need a new heart asap.  Please pray for these families.  It is such a rough road and I know they can use a lot of Heavenly Help