Jan 17, 2013

A Sister Friend

This is "leesy!"
"Weesy" if you are a boy of the 2 year old variety.
She is my friend that came over to my house the week after the funeral and brushed my hair for a couple hours straight.  These next few posts on my blog include her and her family.
She has turned out to be my angel during the worst time in my life.
Many of my friends and sisters live far away or just far enough away to permit frequent drop-ins.
I know she has been tasked by some of them to take care of me.
She is doing a great job!

She forces me to take a break from hating my life to have fun because she is fun!
She also catches my subtle references about funny yet obscure things from growing up/college years.  She seems to have more energy that the normal person, and she is just a great great person!  I lucked out that she lives here!

I have a few friends that I consider sisters... she is one.
I have a lot of sisters to begin with so why not a few more?

We happened upon the best store ever in downtown Provo.  It is awesome!
It is full to the brim with costumes.  They don't allow you to take pictures inside, but we took a few out in the freezing cold.
Chris snapped these with his phone.  He was taking a picture of us because we were wearing matchy matchy outfits. We often somehow wear similar colors just by chance.  A few times at church we showed up looking very similar.... hair and all.  In fact Sam and Mia used to go grab her leg thinking she was me.  I'm glad that Mia got to be with this family before she went to Heaven.  She would love the happiness and energy that defines them.

This past summer Mia did attend a few imagination station afternoons that her girls put on.
I'll have to get my hands on some pictures.
I miss that girl so much - I miss holding her and snuggling her.  I miss helping her wash her hands. I miss coaxing her to eat.  I miss the little noises she would make.  I miss every little thing about her.  No one else in my life happy screams... that was specific to her and her sweet and happy disposition.

I can't escape the sadness of not having her here!!
Not escaping the sadness makes my friends (like leesy) so important and a welcomed distraction.
They can pull me out of the swamps for a few hours here and there.    

Not only did my kiddos mistake her for myself, but we are both heart patients. 
We are both on the same medication.  I am not very good about taking mine... I am trying. 
A few months back we were sitting on her couch taking our blood pressure, and it was just funny.  We joke that we are very old women on the inside because we have a prescription for blood pressure medication. 
It's nice to have a friend close by who is so similar to me in that way too. 

She left lots of things on my doorstep back in October.  
I didn't get a picture of all of them because I was not functioning- I'm still not quite functioning. 
I did manage to get a picture of this one.  
It is a bunch of Willy Wonka quotes attached to various items inspired by the quote. 
I remembering smiling when I read them.  The CD made me smile too. 

This is Chris- her husberdin.
They really like Gazpacho and Chris makes the perfect recipe.
It's a cold salsa like soup that you drink from a mug... sounds good huh!? :-)

Thanks for making us laugh Hones family!
You've got jokes!

This post was mostly about one friend, but I must write to my other friends who might be reading.
I am grateful to have many friends in my life.  Many of my friends are related to me. I do feel so much love from so many of you.  Friends from grade school until now have poured out so much love for myself and my family. I wish I had kept better track so I could thank everyone individually.  If I could go back I would have taken more pictures of all of the darling things that showed up at my door.  I have some pictures of some, but not all.  I just hope that if you have sent or left something that you know that I am grateful to you!  I truly appreciate all of the kind words of love and encouragement that I receive in my mailbox and inbox.  I will try to respond, but know that I do get them, read them, and appreciate them.  Some of you I have never met, but I truly enjoying getting your emails.  I am trying to allow the gratitude I feel for so many of you soak in and help ease some of this pain.  Today I am very grateful.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but today I feel your love and I send it back.

Thank you!