Jan 5, 2013

A visit from Santa

Nats stayed with us the week of Christmas.  
She brought her two "dowgies."
Sammers thinks they are his dogs, and poor Max is getting full Sammers affection treatment. 

This picture doesn't really belong in this post, but since it's here... we'll leave it. 

Jense wrote this letter to Santa 

Dear Santa
I want skylanders, a robe, LEGOS, laser, my sister, legos.

If only Santa could bring her back.  
When I read this I of course cried, and went to bed crying. 

I am angry that Santa can't bring her back
I'm angry that Mia is on Jensen's Christmas list
I am just angry... all of the time.  

Ok- It's mostly sadness, but I am also really angry.

This is the backside it reads:

When you come down the chimney look out for the flowers.

- Jense is just like his dad in that he can always make me laugh when he is not trying.  We have so many plants/flowers from the funeral still in our front room and some have been sitting in the little alcove of the fire place.  Caution Santa, Caution!  There are flowers.  I just love him!

Jense got to hand deliver his letter to Santa

We had a visit from Santa a few days before Christmas.
We have the very very BEST home teacher Santa around.
He came in and danced with each kiddo. I have that all on video- very very sweet.

My little buz lightyear had no problems sitting on Santa's lap.
He probably would have sat on his lap for hours.
That is how things go around here.
If you come through the door... you belong to Sam and he will chat you up and show you all of his trains.  He is my little busy man and is not shy.

He told Santa he wanted "Thomas the train and track."

Ells was also extremely chatty with Santa and told him all about the American Girl doll desires of her heart.  It is so sweet to watch her face when she talks about American Girl dolls.  She is very enthusiastic.  I am sure Santa was captivated by her telling him all about it. :-)

The kids with the Mia Minnie.

Santa even brought pre Christmas gifts.
Sammers was thrilled with all of the play-doh.

The kids got a game called Headbandz- we played it immediately following Santa's departure.

One last big hug for Santa.

Thank you so much Santa for coming to our home and spending time with our kids.
They are still talking about it, and are plotting out how next year they will be faster to look out the window so they can see the sleigh.  You were the best Santa!