Jan 9, 2013

Christmas day 2012

So Sleepy, but excited about opening gifts!

Sammers loves his new hat-
I love Sammers... seriously cutest face EVER even when he doesn't feel well. 

Ells checking out her loot from Santa... 
Mia's stocking is the angel stocking.  
She has always been our angel... now she just lives in Heaven. 

Sammers got some new Jammers too.  He is feeling the softness on his face.  
I love this kid.  You can see his favorite gift of all was his Thomas Ride on Train and Track. 
When he walked down the stairs to behold his huge train, his first words were:

Totally worth it.

To make it go he had to push the red button down.  Sammers wised up and started using the clamp allowing him to chug continuously around the room on his Thomas.
To say he is in love with this train would be an understatement.
Good Job Santa!
and Santa's Elves for picking it up for Santa. 

Jense is our main Mia candle lighter.  He lights a candle at meals, and family together times.  
Every few days I see John walk through the door with a few new candles.  
I love that He and Jense have taken over this tradition- it is very sweet. 

Mia's Minnie next to her candle and part of the nativity.  

Aunt Nats and her Sammers.  
It was nice to have Nats with us.  
Even though I am married and have children of my own... I will always want a sister around. 
She was the witness to Mia's glory, and it's nice to have her here in Mia's absence.  
I know how much Nat misses her and when I think of the sparkle in her eye when she would show up to be with Mia or when I would drop her off.  I just hope that someone else can provide the light that will produce that sparkle.  It went both ways... Mia loved Nat and thought she was hers.  She would often wake up in the morning and ask, "mom? where's my Nats?"  
I miss those requests- so much!  I want to hear her little voice asking for Nat. 
I miss her asking to call, and I miss the look on her face when Nat would present her with a little gifty or a snuggle.  I dont know if anyone will ever understand the relationship between Mia and Nat.  I wish there was a way to transfer some of the support I receive to her.  She needs that girl too.  It's difficult for all of us.  It hurts so much to know that someone that brought her so much happiness is not here.  I want to share Mia with her like I have since her birth.  I have asked Nat to be a guest blogger so you'll be hearing from her soon. 

We drank some Christmas tea out of our cute Minnie/Mickey cups.  We received a lot of fun things from Melanie to match the Mia Tree at the festival of trees.  
These were in the gifts they gave to us. So cute.  Sadly Sammers destroyed the ornaments the first day.  I told them to hang them up high... I guess I should have done that myself.  

Sammers taking a rest on his blaynt-dee.  and max

In the evening we headed up to Nana and Papa's for dinner.  
Sammers is in train heaven... trains trains everywhere!  

I love this picture.  I was trying to ge a pic of "baby cow" when My mom was covering the box because the gift was inside and it was not a surge protector.  Baby Cow is so happy... and you can see where he gets that from. 

Um, did I mention Sam is up to his eye balls in trains?  He got another one that night. 

My thoughtful boy giving hugs to Nana for his gift... what did he get? 

A pogo stick!  Yessss.  This will be used by him and his mama. 
I used to have pogo jump competitions with my neighbor across the street. I can't remember the record, but it was a lot!   I wonder if I still have it? 

Isaac "ike" gave Sammers his conductor's vest.  
Big hugs for Ike. 

The other day Sam was re-playing that evening and depicted everything that happened. 

"My ductor! ike gaved me my ductor. I say thank you ike."
If I could just keep him at this age for awhile I would pay good money.  

He says the funniest things and is such a bright little cookie. 

Abby was given a chainsaw... it was at the top of her list ;-)

My brother in law Nathan is an amazing artist.  He can do it all.  
This is barn wood that he carved using this picture of my dad.  
Doesn't it look just like the picture?  I can't get over it.  
He has done some neat work for myself and my sister as well-
post coming soon. 

Baby cow with Frosty's hat.  
Frosty the snowman is Sam's favorite Christmas story.  
I read it to him a lot. 
I think he loves it the most because the book plays the frosty song.

My family and I went to the Cemetery 
We sang jingle bells because Mia always cried when we sang silent night.
Somewhere I have an awesome video of her crying when we sang silent night.
I need to find it.

My sis brought her a purple glowing butterfly.
The pictures didn't turn out, but I'll get one soon.  

Christmas without my girl was difficult. I'm not going to lie.  
It just plain old felt like I was being forced to go about my day.  
I wanted her to open her stocking... gifts... and I really wanted to see her face light up.  

I just can't believe she is not here. I can't.  
I hate it.