Jan 9, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was simple... quiet. 

Sammers got to "play trains" with his papa. 
He pushes the whistle then smiles his famous sammers smile.  
He loves trains.. and I love his smile, so I guess I love trains too. 

Aunt Susu was in charge of the "festibities"
She got the kids all ready for their parts in the nativity scene. 

Sam was the star.  He kept on his train handkerchief- 
It's the perfect costume to be the star. :-)

Sweet Syd was the angel. 
She looks like an angel. 

I was taking pictures with Suzie's camera and I couldn't get a good picture, so if you can't tell what this is, it is my dad carrying Ellie (Mary) on his back.  

Yes, there were some jokes about his role. 

The Nativity crew
This picture makes me giggle. 
Cute Syd- in the middle playing her role perfectly
Sam- making sure his part is easily identified
Jense -the shepard using the cane from the umbrella and the forced smile
Ells- caressing a wrapped up object... baby cow fell asleep. 
Kye- checking to see if everyone else is smiling.  

Uncle Nathan and baby cow enjoyed some quality snuggle time.

On the way home we went to the cemetery-
It was sad.
I wish I didn't have to go to the cemetery in Christmas Eve.
It made me feel as cold on the inside as I felt frozen there standing there.