Jan 28, 2013

Dance 4 Mia

The Waspettes

The team wore their "Dance for Mia" wrist bands during every dance in honor of Coach McDonald's late daughter.  This competition and the next few weeks ahead definitely require a great deal of strength and determination as Mia always demonstrated in her life.

(excerpt from the Wave)

Koach Kohler gave all the girls these purple bands in honor of Mia.  
They are so sweet.  They wore them to perform all of the dances at the competition.  
I am impressed that they still wear them... to practice in, and some wear them to school.

These two darling girls choreographed and performed a dance dedicated to Mia. 
It was so beautiful!  They made me cry.  I love these girls and it is so touching how much they care.  Mia's face would light up every time she got to be with the "wattspettes."
Here they are at Mia's birthday party-  Truly two of the sweetest teenage girls on the planet!

McKinley aka "let me tell ya."  Such a sweetheart and incredible dancer!

Hailey- one of our drill mistresses and a beautiful dancer as well. 
I love that they choreographed their own dance. 
I love the song they danced to.  

"pool pool" hair bows. 

McKinley and Hailey receiving their trophy- way to go girls!

Dance for Mia bracelets!
Thank you girls... I love you all!

This year instead of Character the girls had to perform a kick routine.  
They did awesome!

The whole team!

We had a competition this weekend and I was so proud of all of them.  I have never seen them perform the way they did on Saturday.  From my perspective the girls could not have danced the routines better.  They nailed the turns, their kicks looked flawless, and the lifts timed perfectly.  I had chills the entire time.  I think I held my breath during each routine.

I loved that they were dancing for Mia, and they could not have danced better.

My Mia girl with the "Wattspettes" earlier this year.
She loved being with these girls.  She loved to dance, and loved watching them just as much.
She was beginning to learn how to do a headstand like her sister to prepare to become a wattspette.  Her headstand looked a lot like a somersault.  I would give anything to see her attempt a headstand again.  I need this little girl in my life and I somehow keep "holding on" but I'm on the verge of insanity.  It's helps knowing everyone loves her- thank you Waspettes for loving Mia and dedicating your performances to her!